The Importance of a Live-Answer IT Help Desk

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Sep 03, 2019

MSPs deliver higher customer service to end users with a live-answer help desk

You’re 20 minutes away from giving a presentation, but your Microsoft PowerPoint is acting up and not opening your file. What do you, or your managed services customers, do in this situation?

Scenario A: Internal Tech Support

Your admin happens to be the most “technical” person on your team, and is an informal resource when you have IT questions or issues. In addition to their primary role and responsibilities, they will try to help you with your IT issue when they have a moment to spare. They aren’t professionally trained on the technology, and attempt to resolve your IT issue by troubleshooting after searching online for answers. There is no guarantee you’ll get help with your PowerPoint OR be ready for your presentation in 20 minutes.

Scenario B: Automated Help Desk Service

If you have an IT Provider, you frantically call them only to have to wade through a series of Automated Menus. Press 1 for Support, Press 3 for IT, Press 1 if your issue is urgent – “We appreciate your call and it is very important to us, please continue to hold while a technician is found.” 15 Minutes left, you’re still on hold, 10 Minutes left “We appreciate your call and it is very important to us, please continue to hold while a technician is found.” Time dwindles and your presentation gets closer by the second. You finally connect with a technician, but before they can connect to your PC, they want you to go a website, type in a code, download a file to your PC, wait while it connects with them, 5 minutes left and the tech is finally looking at your issue. You need to deliver your presentation, with or without your PowerPoint, and the 20 minutes is gone before you know it.

Scenario C: Live-Answer Help Desk

User Support Specialist helps another team member in the Collabrance Help Desk and Network Operations Center.

You dial your live-answer Help Desk and within a couple rings, a technician is already on the phone ready to help you! No automated menus or hoops to jump through, just a knowledgeable technician answering your call. Within two minutes of calling, they are already connected to your PC without you having to do anything because your Agent Software lets the professional Help Desk connect remotely to PCs without any user intervention.

The technician enters your problem in to an Instant-Search Database via IT Glue and finds an article written by a Senior Tier 3 Technician listing specific steps to resolve your IT issue. It’s now 15 minutes until your presentation, and the Help Desk begins a Quick Repair of Microsoft Office. It is done running only after 5 minutes, and PowerPoint is now opening your file. Your IT issue is resolved quickly, your PowerPoint is ready and you can focus your time on preparing to deliver your presentation.

Help Desk Service Excellence

Which scenario do you think your customers prefer? Which service is the best you can provide to your customers? Which situation allows you to differentiate from competitors?

Being in the service industry, MSPs should strive to offer best-in-class with a live-answer help desk.

When your end users are having IT issues, they are already going to be stressed by the time they reach out to a Help Desk, and the last thing they want to do is wade through a system of automated menus just to be put on hold or stuck in a queue waiting for a tech. Once they finally connect with someone, the frustration rises when they are told to navigate to a site and enter a code, then wait for the application to install so the technician can connect. The experience can be drastically different for an end-user when it comes to a live-answer Help Desk, an automated queue or no one. As an MSP, think about what service sets you apart.

5 Benefits of Using a Live-Answer Help Desk

  1. Quicker Response and Resolutions
  2. Validated Sense of Urgency
  3. Avoided Downtime
  4. Direct Access to Trained Subject Matter Experts
  5. Enhanced Customer Service

Collabrance Live-Answer Help Desk

As a private-label Help Desk, we greet the end user by answering the phone with “Support services, this is [technician’s name]. May I have your name and company name? Do you have an existing ticket number, or are you calling about a new issue?”

At Collabrance, our live-answer Help Desk has friendly and knowledgeable technicians ready to help customers resolve their IT issue, and strives to answer the phone in two rings or less.

Our Agent Software allows us to connect to the user’s PC using their name, or device name alone. “I’m not sure of the name of my PC, but I’m John Smith if that helps?” “Yes it does! I see you logged in as JSmith, let me get connected here.” This minimizes downtime for users since we can have technicians remoted in and beginning to work as soon as the user calls.

Our ticket escalation process is designed to help our technicians resolve end-users’ IT issues quickly, efficiently and effectively. If a tech can’t fix the end-user’s IT issue on the first call, or in a fast enough manner, the ticket is sent to Senior Technicians, some with 20+ years of IT experience who are able to diagnose and resolve any issue.

Collabrance User Support Specialist in the Help Desk and Network Operations Center
No matter how large or small, if it’s important to the user, it’s important to us.

We use IT Glue for an Internal Knowledge Base that is continuously updated with the latest fixes to assorted issues, as well as KB Articles written by IT Experts with years of experience in the industry. IT Glue is searchable via keyword allowing technicians to find documented fixes for a wide range of problems within seconds. Think of it as a curated version of Google. Someone has already waded through the 1000s of posts when searching for an issue, and documented the necessary steps to resolve them.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers love being able to call a live-answer Help Desk and have an available technician who understands the urgency of their technical issues. We have constantly maintained a customer satisfaction score of 4.8+ (out of 5). In fact, customer satisfaction is so important to Collabrance that it is part of our monthly bonus goals and compensation.

When end users call and we answer immediately, they know they are getting the best service possible, from knowledgeable subject matter experts in the industry.

We are an HDI (Help Desk International) Certified Help Desk, so all of our technicians are trained to strive to have high standards for customer service.

Midwest-Based Outsourced Live-Answer Help Desk for MSPs

“Collabrance lets us focus on what we do best. They have the expertise on staff and it's one less thing my team has to worry about." – Chap Breard, MOEbiz

Collabrance works with MSPs who also have high standards of customer service excellence. Learn more about the opportunity to outsource your Help Desk and NOC to Collabrance, where we can remotely resolve 95%+ of customers' IT issues remotely, while maintaining a 97%+ satisfaction rate.

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Drew Barth, a User Support Specialist on the Collabrance Help Desk, is responsible for taking inbound end-user calls, working IT tickets submitted via email, and assisting other techs in the NOC. Drew also trains new hires and enjoys providing guidance to ensure we always live up to the standards we have for ourselves.