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Two Technicians work together in the NOC at Collabrance

Sep 24, 2019

Image Above: Mike (left) a Network Analyst in the NOC, helps Trevor (right) a Service Desk User Support Specalist, resolve a customer's computer issue.

The Importance of Sharing Your Tech Knowledge with End-User Customers

Many people dread asking for help, especially when it comes to computers and IT. Since the inception of the IT Help Desk, an assumption has been that users have an odd relationship with the technicians they call. How do you create a positive relationship between you and your end-user? Consider this...

You Are Not “Just” a Technician

As long as 20 years ago when I first started working in I.T. (actually going to users desks rather than remoting in as the software we had was nothing like we have today) I found that when I taught end users how to use their computers more efficiently, I received a gratified response from them.

An exceptional customer experience is our main goal. At Collabrance, we consider our jobs to not only be to solve a customer’s IT problem, but to try to show them how to avoid similar problems in the future. The gratitude thus evoked can be the difference between a very satisfied client and a not-so-satisfied client.

"Thrilled with the service experience! Your Service Technician was a joy with whom I spoke. I asked many questions, and you graciously answered every one. I left the conversation with a smile."

A customer who has been shown how to avoid a technical problem, or some steps to help save them time in their work such as hitting the key commands "CTL-C" to copy, or use the "shift-arrow" to grab a lot of text, is able to use that for the rest of their career. As end users continue to learn tips from techs, the gratitude they feel can become a standard feeling every single time that they think of us.

As employees compare notes and talk about the great sessions they had when they called their help desk, the more likely the decision-makers (who hold the purse strings) are going to feel like they made the right decision choosing your MSP over any other. Not only does this bolster your relationship with their business, but it may also open doors for you down the road like referrals for more business.

We Are Ambassadors

In "older times (when I was growing up)" when people went overseas, they were reminded by friends, family, and others that they were essentially ambassadors of their country. That they represented every other American citizen who existed. In much the same way, we are all ambassadors to our managed services customers. We are typically the people who end-user customers interface with more than any other. As technicians need to make sure that every interaction we have with end-user customers is approached with that positive attitude. Remember, there are plenty of companies out there who will tell customers how much better they think they are. We need to make sure when end-user customers hear that, they can’t help but smirk because they know they get the best customer experience possible every time they need us.

Every time the phone rings in the NOC and Help Desk, we have a chance to be somebody’s hero.

The user may have been dealing with this IT problem for weeks or months and finally the frustration has become overwhelming. We need to always bear this in mind and empathize with our customers’ frustrations and never fail to relieve their pain. The technicians at Collabrance take this very seriously.

At Collabrance we are driven by customer satisfaction. After our Help Desk closes tickets, end-user customers receive a satisfaction survey from us to rate their experience. Our minimum acceptable customer satisfaction score is 4.6 out 5, and our year-to-date average is 4.85 out of 5. Our customer satisfaction score is so important, that include it as part of our monthly bonus goals.

How Does Collabrance Achieve High Customer Satisfaction Scores?

Team members are what impact customer satisfaction. So at Collabrance, customer satisfaction starts during the recruitment process. Every employee at Collabrance goes through a very rigorous hiring process. Not only do we have a very in-depth structured interview, but candidates also meet the team and shadow a team member as part of the interviewing process. This is done to ensure they will be a good fit for our team and our customers. However, the quest for excellence and pursuing customer satisatifcation does not stop there. Each one of our technicians is required to complete the HDI (Help Desk International) Certification Course as part of our customer service training. We have so many technicians certified, that we received an HDI Support Center Certification. The HDI Support Center Certification recognizes a support center's commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality by 80%+ of Service Desk Team Members becoming HDI Certified.

At Collabrance, we strive to be the gold-standard in the MSP industry. An exceptional service delivery experience is our number one priority. If customer service is also a top priority for your MSP business and you see value in outsourcing your help desk to a customer-centric Master MSP, learn more about what makes Collabrance different.

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