60% of Businesses Hit by Ransomware Go Out of Business Within 6 Months

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Oct 29, 2019

Most Cyber Attacks Are Aimed at SMBs

Ransomware and other types of cyber security attacks are running rampant in today’s world. If you follow any news source you have probably heard of people, businesses, schools and even entire cities getting attacked with ransomware. The fact that most of the cyber-attacks today are aimed at SMBs, who seldom have full time I.T. staff, makes it absolutely vital that each business have a response prepared in the event of being hit by something as devastating as Ransomware.

Without a plan of action, and a method of implementing it, you could become just another statistic in this non-stop series of attacks.

Here are some general questions that business owners should ask themselves about Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR):

  1. Do we currently have backup/disaster recovery plan?
  2. What kind of backups do we have?
  3. Are these backups easily accessible?
  4. Can we spin up our environment in the cloud?
  5. How long will it take to get the business operational again?
  6. How much money can we afford to lose before we have to shut down?

The implications involved in having a data loss event can be catastrophic. It can be life or death for a business. Some of these events have put business and cities on lock-down for days, weeks and even months. It would be fair to say that most SMBs are not able to operate for very long if they cannot conduct regular business. For some it may take only a few days of downtime to shut their doors.

Many vendors offer "backups". However, there are many different kinds of backups. Things like type of backup, frequency, and ease of access should be taken into account when shopping.

How Our Backups Are Different Than the Other’s

Collabrance currently uses DATTO Appliances. In fact, Collabrance has worked with DATTO for over 5 years and is currently a Blue Status Partner. However, the fact that we use DATTO devices is not what sets us apart. So what makes our backups different? Our backup devices are looking at every changed file on every backup for changes. If it sees a file that looks suspicious it flags the backup in question to be looked at by a DATTO trained certified technician. Our technicians are able to compare any suspicious file to any other backup both before and after the attack.

What happens if a backup file is infected?

If an infected file were to be saved to the DATTO during a backup, there is no way for the attack to infect previous backups. What this means is we only need to go back one previous backup to restore clean files to your server and/or workstations. We generally recommend that you back up devices every hour during your business day. This means that in the event we need to do a restore, the content will be current.

What if a server is experiencing catastrophic failure?

Since our DATTO backup devices backup entire volumes we also have the ability to spin up your server on the DATTO, either locally or in the cloud for Siris devices, or in the cloud for ALTO devices. This means that in the case of a catastrophic failure of your server we can spin up a virtual machine that is an exact duplicate of your server and this VM also gets backed up. When your server is ready to come back into service we can take a final backup of the VM and no data that was put on to the VM is lost.

"It’s no longer a matter of if you’re going to become a target of a cyber-attack, it’s a matter of when. "

If you’re not prepared in advance, then you’re relying on luck to let you be one of the minority of businesses that don’t go out of business. As the old adage says, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Let this be the warning that you need to begin taking a proactive interest in your data security. Collabrance is on the front-lines of security offerings in the MSP channel. Learn how to protect your environment using the MSSP Offering at Collabrance

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