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Nov 19, 2019

Video Above: How to Transform Your MSP Sales Engine Webinar with Collabrance and Taylor Business Group.

How to Increase Your MSP's Performance

Did you know according to Taylor Business Group, the average MSP only closes 4-6 deals per year? There is a common reason for these small numbers. Most Managed Services Providers (MSPs) hit a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) sales ceiling they will never surmount. Michael Cummings, Director of Sales Transformation and Executive Recruiting at Taylor Business Group, refers to this as the “Sales Chasm in the MSP Industry”. To find the solution to stagnant growth for MSPs, we have to start from the beginning of the process. In this blog, we will summarize best practices to increase your bottom line that were shared in our most recent MSP webinar with Taylor Business Group.

Hire the Right People for Your MSP

It starts with talent! Without the right people in the right role you will never see the success you want. MSPs who are part of the Sales Transformation Program (STP) have invested in the right resources and are adding 1-2 new MRR clients each month. That is double the average MSP. The key resources every MSP should have include a dedicated sales person, engineer and C-level. If you need help looking for the right resources and are struggling to find the IT talent needed, reach out to the GreatAmerica PathShare® HR Services team.

How a Successful MSP Should Prospect

Once you have the talent, it is time to generate qualified leads. Today’s buyer requires us to prospect in many different ways. Dialing for dollars is no longer the most effective way to gain leads for an MSP. You have to follow a disciplined process to hit the numbers STP members are enjoying. In fact, Michael Cummings recommends 6 different processes MSPs should follow. Taylor Business Group calls these processes "The Six Pillars of Prospecting".

The Six Pillars of Prospecting

Taylor Business Group's 6 Pillars of Prospecting for MSPs | CollabranceImage Above: Taylor Business Group's Six Pillars of Prospecting for MSPs

How to Market your MSP or MSSP

In our last webinar with Taylor Business Group, we focused on How MSPs Can Generate More Leads with Referrals. So today, let’s focus on pillar number 6, "Marketing". Marcus Sheridan shares that, “Buyers are already 70% down the sales process by the time you know they exist.” Therefore, as an MSP, we must educate and answer our prospect’s questions upfront and online so when we know they exist, they also know we exist. The key to making this happen is through inbound marketing.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

  • Less Cost. - Inbound marketing costs 61% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing (Hubspot).
  • Works 24/7 - It never takes a day off, no vacation, weekends or sick days.
  • Prospects Self Educate & Self-Qualify - Sales will spend less time answering the same questions (FAQs).
  • Advances Conversations - The prospect already knows the FAQs. We can now talk about their business needs.
  • Accelerates the MSP Sales Process - The prospect is already 70% down the funnel. It should require less work and resources to close the sale.
  • Shortens the MSP Sales Cycle - You are spending less time and resources on each deal.

An example of inbound marketing is marketing automation through email drip campaigns. According to Nucleus Research, Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. So if 68% of B2B customers prefer to research independently online, then why aren’t all MSPs providing the information prospects are seeking? The solution: provide FAQs and more content online to your targeted audience.

While a prospective customer is reading your content, you are also building trust with them as a result to your upfront transparency.

Your MSP is now becoming the prospect's trusted resource. Watch our webinar to hear specifics examples of how Collabrance has successfully implemented inbound marketing.

Are You Ready to Rev-Up Your MSP Business?

Marketing is only one of the 6 pillars of prospecting. There is a lot of work to be done and we appreciate that it takes time and commitment to put these processes in place.

Are you ready to break new records for your managed services business in 2020?
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