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Dec 31, 2019

Exercise Benefits in the Workplace

Ever since I was a young adult, I’ve enjoyed exercise. Whether it’s running, hiking, lifting weights or biking, I always cherish the “me” time I spend working up a sweat. However, exercise has many more benefits than just time alone and fitness. In this blog, we will discuss why and how GreatAmerica invests in an active lifestyle and how it has a positive influence in the workplace.

The Importance of Staying Active While Maintaining a Desk Job

Before I began my career with Collabrance (a GreatAmerica company), I spent most of my adulthood as a nurse or stay-at-home mom. These two occupations allowed me to stay physically active. When I decided to make a career change to a Master MSP, it took time for me to adapt to my first desk job. Sitting behind a screen for most of the day was a new concept for me.

While I adjusted the timing of my workouts to fit within my work schedule, I was alarmed to read articles about how a sedentary job is seen as the “new smoking” in terms of risk to your health.

It’s important to get moving throughout the day to combat the negative effects of sitting for 8+ hours at a desk. When it comes to exercise, there are more than just physical benefits. According to the Harvard Business Review, regular exercise can also promote:

  • Improved concentration
  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased mental stamina
  • Higher energy levels
  • Boosted brain activity (aka exercise makes you smarter)
  • Greater focus and creativity

GreatAmerica Active Lifestyle Benefits

GreatAmerica has embraced these health findings and have made efforts to encourage a more active lifestyle accessible to employees by creating policies and benefits to promote exercise. In fact, our GreatAmerica benefits package includes a “Fitness Reimbursement Program” for employees to choose a gym membership of their preference. They understand physical activity can pay positive dividends for the employee and the company.

Walking around our office, you can find exercise balls and stand up desks within the open environment for employees who need a break from sitting in an office chair. We also have a GreatAmerica Networking Group who regularly gets involved in different social and team building activities within the community including different 5K walk/runs and yoga classes.

GreatAmerica Networking Group | Collabrance

Image Above: GreatAmerica Networking Group poses for photo after a yoga class with the GreatAmerica building in background.

Why MSPs Should Promote Exercise to their Workforce

Imagine as an end-user calling into your Help Desk for help with an IT issue. How likely is your technician able to provide a quick and painless resolution to your issue? Is your technician who answers your call stressed and distracted, or relaxed and focused?

Employees who are calm, concentrated and have elevated brain activity are more likely to have higher productivity and create a more positive workplace culture.

A relaxed technician takes time to focus on showing and educating the user on the technical solution. With this technician, the chance of a “first call resolution (FCR)” can be drastically improved resulting in increased customer satisfaction. If your current end-users are happy with your business, it’ll be easier to promote your business with referrals.

How to Start Exercising While Working at an MSP

Your exercise doesn’t have to be a two-hour intense session at the gym every time! Instead, your activity could be a brisk walk during lunch, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. One of the GreatAmerica principles states: “We look at the whole picture.” When thinking about how exercise fits into your lifestyle, try to take a holistic approach on how you can incorporate it into your every day. You can get creative implementing activity into your workday like:

  • Make your next meeting a stand up or walking one.
  • Do some easy weight-lifting over lunch.
  • Grab a friend and take a brisk walk around your building or neighborhood.
  • Ride your bike to work.
  • Try some desk yoga when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed (ignore your coworkers if they laugh, jokes on them).
  • Make it fun, instead of a chore. If you’re competitive, try a sport. If you’re a social butterfly, sign up for a group fitness class.

Try to fit your workout routine into your current lifestyle so it's easier for you to be consistent and stick with it. With exercise, you’ll enjoy the lasting benefits in all aspects of your life. You can also find the mental clarity to tackle that challenging project at work with the ability to remain calm, cool, and collected in your personal life.

Your Exercise Can Positively Affect Your Co-Workers

Exercise also promotes the GreatAmerica principle: “We trust and treat each other with respect.” Taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally by incorporating exercise into our lives affects the people around us. People who are physically active are generally happier, more upbeat, and spend less time being sick. Being happy and healthy is not only good for you and your co-workers, but also the company. If you are sick less, you will have more time to be productive at work. This also means others wont have to cover for you, thus reducing their workload. At the end of the day, everyone wins!

Be kind to your coworkers (and loved ones at home) by staying healthy and burning off frustration through exercise. The hardest part of exercising is starting. If you get up and do something, you will feel better afterwards, I promise.

Work for a Company who Promotes Healthy Life & Work

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