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Dec 03, 2019

Image Above: Friendly and knowledgeable technicians work together and resolve end-user IT issues at Collabrance to maintain an average 95%+ remote remediation rate and 97%+ customer satisfaction rating.

Why Working at an MSP Changed My Mondays

All too often, people go day to day dreading their time at work and the job they spend years of their lives at. Many people get "a case of the Mondays". There are songs about how much people dread Mondays: “Monday Monday,” “Manic Monday,” and “I Don’t Like Mondays." But why? Why does Monday get such a bad rap? It’s because, according to a 2017 Gallop Poll, 85% of people are disengaged with their jobs.

I used to be part of the 85%, until 4 years ago when I joined the IT field.

Before then, I had been in many customer service jobs at multiple different retail stores and grocery stores. I felt like my entire working life had been me moving from one customer service job to the next. I enjoyed the customer service side of things – helping people. However, all of those positions left another part of me empty. I found myself, like so many others, dreading Monday (or in the case of retail, EVERY day).

Joining the MSP Industry

In February of 2016, I joined the Managed Service Provider industry as a technician. A friend of mine helped me get a technical position at a software support help desk. To my astonishment, I found fulfillment as a technician. I was still working in a customer service, but with a twist.

The IT profession, particularly a Master MSP help desk, is a fast-paced, ever-changing career. There is always something new to learn and discover.

The managed services field changes as rapidly as the technology we use. Every day brings about new issues to overcome and new technology or processes to learn. While I learn and see new technology, I also get to become an expert in it. This experience allows me to pass that knowledge to fellow technicians and end users we support. In this way, I get to help people every day. There is no feeling quite like a customer thanking you for saving their day when you are able to fix their computer issue and keep them from falling even further behind on their own work.

Your service has always been outstanding. I have been very pleased each time I've needed assistance. Technicians are friendly and knowledgeable, and resolve my problems within minutes. Keep up the great work. - Current Customer

During every interaction, I get to actively help people. Personally, helping people has always been important to me and now I'm also working with technology which has also become a passion of mine. Working at a Master MSP like Collabrance has changed the way I look at work.

Image Above: Colin Hindahl, Service Desk Triage Support Technician, in the Help Desk and NOC
Collabrance in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

How Working at Collabrance is Different than Other MSPs

At Collabrance, I have found a team of people who work with the passion and desire to help not only their customers, but also their co-workers. Only one other time have I found a team so close-knit and fun to be around. We are all happy to see each other every day and that translates into our work and how we treat our customers.

Now, when Monday morning comes, I don’t wish it was still the weekend. I wake up, happy to head to work where I know my friends and a fulfilling, fast-paced day of learning and helping others awaits. I am no longer moving from job to job, aimlessly looking for a career. I have found it within the IT channel and Collabrance. I am looking forward to your call.

If you are interested in an IT career in the MSP channel, apply to join the Collabrance team!

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Colin Hindahl

Colin Hindahl is a Triage Support Specialist for the Collabrance help desk. He is on the front line of support specialists and responsible for inbound support calls while working pro-actively maintenance tickets to ensure problems are resolved before they occur. Colin has 4 years of IT experience and he is eager to continue learning from others and help other analysts live up to the high standards that Collabrance holds for itself.