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Jan 28, 2020

Image Above: HDI Certified Technicians in the NOC at Collabrance in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Tips to Improve Your MSP’s Customer Experience Working with the IT Help Desk

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten frustrated because of an automated phone attendant. As an end user, trying to work your way through the automated phone system at any business can be incredibly frustrating. It feels like people hate talking to robots; so why do so many MSP technicians end up sounding like one? In this blog, here are some lessons learned on ways you can create a better customer experience when resolving their IT issues.

Communication Skills Matter

Excellent customer service begins with treating people how they want to be treated. Most people want to be treated like they are human. Consider the difference between some common, simple phrases:

"Anything else?" vs. "Was there anything else I can do to help?"
"I need you to log in" vs. "Once you get logged in…"
"That can’t be done" vs. "Let’s see if there is a way for us to do that."

Can you hear the difference? Your MSP’s end users can.

Speak to End Users Like They are Sitting in Front of You

Creating a consistent tone, avoiding negative language, remaining personable and casual – they all lend themselves to making customers feel comfortable. Customers who are comfortable feel open to future interactions, and don’t feel like they wasted their time calling the help desk.

Tips to make conversations feel more human:

  1. Use the customer’s name, and tell them yours.
  2. Adapt your tone to match theirs; if they are more formal or more casual, you should be too.
  3. Use accessible language. Avoid clichés and technical jargon.
  4. Thank them when appropriate. Not too little, not too much – try to get it just right.
  5. Admit when you’re wrong or don’t know the answer – they’ll appreciate this more than feeling lied to!
  6. Ask questions – they may not know how to explain what they’re looking for. Give them a hand.
  7. Listen to your customer and believe them.
  8. Encourage them to ask questions. “Did you see what we did there?” “Do you have any questions about how that works?” Sharing knowledge with your customers can help them in the future.
  9. End on a high note and offer your further assistance. “I’m glad we got this working for you! Was there anything else I can help you with?”
  10. Remember, when talking to end users, talk the way you do to with your friends. Keeping things professional doesn’t mean you have to sound stuffy or use fancy words. Instead of saying “I apologize for the inconvenience,” try saying “Sorry about that!” Keep the conversation in plain words; say “internet service provider” rather than saying “ISP”.

Ongoing Training to Improve and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

If you have found your MSP’s customer satisfaction scores decreasing, it may be time for a change. There are various help desk customer service training options available for your managed services business to invest in to enhance your end users’ experience. If you are using a master managed service provider, be sure they are providing ongoing training for their technicians.

Collabrance requires each of our service desk technicians to become HDI certified to ensure we provide end-user customers exceptional service experiences when resolving their IT issues. Learn how Collabrance can help you grow your MSP while keeping your customer’s satisfaction our #1 priority.

HDI Certified Help Desk Support | MSP | Collabrance

Providing Great Customer Experiences Can Lead to More Business

Great customer service often comes full circle. When your customers are happy to work with you, you’re happy to work with them. Positive interactions lead to lasting relationships and keep customers coming back. It can even result in referrals and them sharing their great experiences with others who could be future customers.

Final Tip: Take a Look Inside

Our last tip? Examine your company culture. As the Stephen Covey saying goes, “Treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” Our company culture centers on integrity, respect, and excellence in all we do. Our techs bring these traits to work every day, and as a team we maintain an average 97% customer satisfaction rate. With a live-answer help desk and affable technicians, Collabrance puts the humanity back in IT support.

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