Service Leadership Inc. Survey Reveals MSP’s Top Challenge Include Finding and Keeping Good Technical Talent

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Jan 07, 2020

Video Above: The first of a new four-part education video series focused on the top 4 risks MSPs shared on Service Leadership Inc.’s “Future of Best-in-Class Managed Services 2019 Survey” sponsored by GreatAmerica Financial.

MSPs Experiencing Labor Shortage and Continue to Struggle Finding and Keeping Good Technical Talent

Technical talent is hard to find and even more difficult to keep. Maybe you’re able to find someone who has all of the certifications in the world, but zero people skills. Or you may have a genius technical person, but struggle to find them the career advancement opportunities and compensation they are looking for, which ultimately draws them to look elsewhere. In a recent survey with Service Leadership Inc. revealed that MSPs continue to struggle both finding and keeping good technical talent.

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Image Above: According to the *Service Leadership Inc. survey results, MSPs shared the
number one risk to their business over the next 3-5 years is the inability to get and keep IT technical talent.

This labor shortage challenge is confirmed by another study recently shared by MSSP Alert stating "Nearly two in three organizations have a shortage of staff dedicated to cybersecurity, the top concern among survey respondents (Cybersecurity Workforce Study 2019)."

3 MSP Options for Finding and Keeping Top Technical Talent

1. MSPs Can Keep Doing What You’re Doing (aka continue to struggle yourself)

Trying to recruit and retain employees by yourself does offer you more control, including costs. But the time investment of searching for a qualified candidate, combined with the downtime of an empty position can have an impact on the entire team and your bottom line. If you’ve ever experienced a bad hire, you know this can be a very costly mistake!

MSPs who do not seek help with their recruiting and retaining challenges may continue to list “inability to get/keep IT technical talent” as a top risk to their business.

However, you don’t have to rely on yourself to hire top technical talent. Next are two options for MSPs to overcome this challenge with the help and expertise of an outsourced provider.

2. MSPs Can Hire Help from Experts

Working with hiring experts to help you find the right technical talent is another option. These seasoned experts have a proactive strategy and experience to finding good technical talent. This includes proactively going after good IT talent, and not waiting for it to come to you.

With an outsourced provider doing most of the work, it can free up your time to focus on the business.

The cons to outsourcing hiring help is the initial time it can take to educate them on who/what IT talent you are looking for. Hiring help can also be expensive if not in budgeted for, and may not generate the results you are initially looking for. Lastly, MSPs still run the risk that the technical talent could leave.

If you are not looking to hire recruiters, but would like help from seasoned experts on hiring and training your personnel, PathShare® HR Services (a GreatAmerica Company) works with MSPs using IT success profiles, and assists with compensation plans specific to managed services. This is a great option for MSPs who are new to the business, or looking to keep the IT talent they currently have.

Pathshare HR Services

3. MSPs Can Outsource to a Master MSP

Outsourcing to a Master MSP requires a much smaller investment of resources whether you are just starting managed services or already in it. MSPs no longer have to worry about hiring/retaining technical talent with the exception of an onsite engineer to perform assessments/onboardings. If you find the right outsourcing provider, they should have a proven process for hiring the right technical talent saving you loads of time.

Being backed by a team of IT experts at a Master MSP not only allows you to almost instantly gain dozens of technical SMEs as a resource, but it also enables you to focus on growing your business instead of finding coverage for when a tech calls in sick, needs to take paid time off, or takes another position.

“Collabrance lets us focus on what we do best. They have the expertise on staff and it’s one less thing my team has to worry about." – Chap Breard, MOEbiz

Most importantly when outsourcing, make sure the outsourcing provider has a culture that aligns with yours, and will treat your customers right. Choosing the wrong IT provider can be detrimental if they are not a good fit, and that could reflect poorly on your customers and business. Other cons to outsourcing are lack of control. This is your managed services business, you grew it to where it is today or are just beginning your journey and sometimes that makes it hard to give away components.

Choosing a Master MSP

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Do you need help overcoming finding and keeping top technical talent for your managed services business?

Get ahead of the technical talent challenge by taking advantage of one of these options. Apply now based on which option makes sense for your business!

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*Future of Best-in-Class Managed Services 2019 Survey Results sponsored by GreatAmerica Financial.

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