How Every Team Member Can Be a Leader

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Feb 18, 2020

Image Above: Brittney Stepanek, Strategic Marketing Director at Collabrance, presents and shares insights with MSPs.

4 Ways to Bring a Leader Out of You

Do you see yourself as a leader?

Leadership doesn’t have to be a position, but can be an action.

Everyone can define “leadership” differently. Some wait for it, others are more eager. It doesn’t always come with a manual, by taking a class, completing the most work, or getting the biggest paycheck. Everyone has an opportunity to lead. In this blog, we share four primary behaviors that can help build a strong leadership foundation based on findings from a study by Mckinsey.


#1 - Supporting Others

Do you take the time to recognize other’s strengths and passion? Are you able to identify talent in others? What do you do to help develop team members? Ask and listen to what inspires and fulfills others. Leadership is about others and genuinely caring about them. Take a sincere interest in your team, help them reach their aspirations and lift others as you rise.

#2 - Solving Problems Effectively

Are you generating solutions? What are you doing to move things forward? How are you making your decisions, and are they effective? Leaders are able to identify problems, gain agreement and work with others to develop and implement resolutions. Team members seek leaders opinions because they are able to add value.

#3 - Seeking Different Perspectives

Good leaders don’t do all the talking, they are great listeners! Put other people first, hear what others have to say, learn something from someone else, and have a more diverse outlook. Create an environment where team members feel comfortable, and encourage them to contribute ideas. Being collaborative in your work will help you gain buy-in, and be more effective.

#4 - Delivering Strong Results

Align yourself with the strategic direction and vision of the business, and identify milestones you’ve contributed toward the bottom line. Ultimately, others might be able to learn something from your work too, so don’t be afraid, but be confident to share them and make your accomplishments visible. Leaders have strong results because they are able to prioritize high-value work, are efficient and productive.

When you think of a great leader, who comes to mind? What leadership behaviors do they exhibit? There are many traits that can be included, but according to a study with Mckinsey, these four behaviors account for 89% of leadership effectiveness.

Don’t wait for permission or an invitation to become a leader!

In my tenure at GreatAmerica and Collabrance, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by amazing leadership with a company that prioritizes development of its leaders. There are several team members who I consider leaders who do not have direct reports. They embrace and reflect on the traits above, and I admire their natural ability and inspiration to lead others.

Leadership comes in different styles, titles, outlets and experience. Everyone is an individual with their own talents, skill sets, weaknesses and passions. You can bring a leader out of you without changing who you are.

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Brittney Stepanek

Brittney Stepanek, Strategic Marketing Director for Collabrance, is responsible for helping build relationships and brand awareness through strategic marketing initiatives. Before working at Collabrance, Brittney joined GreatAmerica in 2012 doing marketing for the Office Equipment Group. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Iowa.