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Mar 24, 2020

*Image above: Corey Kerns, Vice President & General Manager at Collabrance, works with leadership team members to monitor national activity, activate continuity plans, and take action to help MSPs and their customers maintain business operations.

How MSPs Can Continue to Rise to the Occasion to Serve Customers & Communities in Need

COVID-19 Impact on MSPs and the IT Channel

During this time of uncertainty and rapid change, many businesses are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to help them build an efficient technical infrastructure to maintain operations, and work remotely and securely. As the coronavirus event unfolds, the IT Channel stands strong together with MSPs passionate to help customers any way they can.

As a result of today’s changing environment, MSPs are coping with:

  • Long work days with the demand for IT and MSPs skyrocketing immediately and customers needing help - all at once
  • Onboarding new customers quickly without leaving any security gaps
  • Helping existing customers setup and deploy workers remotely
  • Field technicians who fear going onsite for both their safety and the safety of customers
  • Rescheduling events, trainings, and travel
  • Availability of equipment, licenses, and inventory are quickly depleting
  • Helping customers while wondering if they will be able to make future payments for equipment and services
  • Exponential increase of help desk calls from both new and existing customers reaching out for support resolving IT issues and questions
  • Implementing best practices and business continuity plans to help maintain the health of their own workforce and workspace

The response and movement of the MSP community has been remarkable.

MSPs are rising to the occasion, taking action, and contributing as a trusted technology advisor to help amazing things happen. MSPs are working hard and coming together to support their communities and businesses in need. As events continue to evolve, here are some ways MSPs can continue to be a hero to businesses.

3 Ways MSPs can continue to rise to the occasion to support businesses in their communities during this time of uncertainty and need by:

1. Maintaining exceptional customer service experiences

Businesses are turning to MSPs for help. Be present, responsive, resourceful and compassionate when solving customer’s IT problems, needs and questions. As users call your Help Desk for IT support, remember we don’t know what their situation is, or what they are going through at home and at work. Be empathetic and patient as you help them resolve their IT issues. While you’re connected, are there other technical difficulties you can help with to save them another headache or phone call? Make your help desk experience welcoming to let customers know you are available and happy support their technology needs.

2. Building relationships by focusing on others

This is a time to put others first. Businesses might feel a bit of helplessness during this time of uncertainty. Add value and help reduce concerns by answering questions and educating customers on their technology capabilities. Conversations are more important than ever, and engagement doesn’t have to stop. Check in with customers and deepen the conversation by asking selfless questions. Let them know how much you care and that you’re here with them every step of the way to help them navigate through today’s environment. Be a trusted technology advisor, reach out, and do what you can to help customers maintain business.

3. Prioritizing and progressing immediate needs

Many of us are focused on today with tomorrow being somewhat of an unknown. What decisions can you or your customers make based on today’s needs and present circumstances? As an IT subject matter expert, help prioritize and implement your customers’ immediate needs. Take advantage of every resource currently available, and do what you can to make as much progress as possible. Equipping businesses to work remote is a process. Check in on customers, keep communication open, share online safety tips to keep information secure, stay involved and work together to make sure their needs are being met. Help clients understand how things have changed, what things they need to consider and how you can help them focus on what they need to by handling their IT needs.

Be grateful, see the good, and share it with others. We are all in this together.

MSPs are rising to the occasion and showing their ability to contribute by leading with their best thinking, quick actions and the results are shining.

There is a lot going on that is outside our control. What we can control is being present for our customers. MSP Help Desks are equipped, prepared and ready to serve customers as businesses are struggling through huge areas of uncertainty. Customers need help, and MSPs are stepping in as heroes to help businesses continue to stay open. Amongst these times of uncertainties, the MSP community and comradery is rising to the top.

Thank you for the MSPs who continue to strive to help businesses make as much progress as possible. In the IT Channel, this is what we do, this is what we’re equipped for, and our passion will help us rise to the occasion to serve businesses in need.

*Pharexis, COVID-19_Outbreak_Cases_in_the_United_States_(Density), 3/22/ 2020, SVG file, 512 × 317 pixels, 53 KB,, accessed 3/24/2020

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