MSP Sales, Marketing & Prospecting with Care During COVID-19 (Part 2 of 2)

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Apr 14, 2020

Image Above: Jake Wagner (Left), Strategic Business Advisor, and Hannah O'Donnell (Right), Director of Sales at Collabrance, work to keep in touch and help MSPs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sales can add value, build the relationship & win customers for a lifetime.

Despite these new and changing times, we are still finding that many MSPs are still having first appointments, discovery meetings, QBRs, and presentations – now online.

MSPs who were thriving before, are the same MSPs who will continue to thrive later – these are the MSPs who are picking up the phone, checking on customers, adding value and building relationships.

Customers may need you now more than ever. Don’t wait for them to reach out to you. If you can’t get a hold of contacts, sometimes even a message of “we’re here for you” can go a long way.

What do I say?

To your current customers, remind them to lean on you and rely on you for help – that’s what you’re here for. Talk less about technology, more about business. You’re more than just a technology provider, help your customers look beyond IT. As a company who cares, reach out to customers as their trusted technology advisor and ask thoughtful questions like:

  • “How are you adjusting?”
  • “What’s keeping you up at night?”
  • “What are your plans to get through COVID-19, stay efficient and come out ahead?”
  • “Is there anything we could be helping you with in these challenging times?”
  • “Are there tasks that can be automated or streamlined?”
  • “What could be condensed to help save you time, money and resources?”
  • "What are the biggest problems you're having in transitioning to a work-from-home environment?"
  • "How are you storing/handling information to maintain privacy and compliancy?"

Help customers navigate through their needs without making panic decisions. Do an informal assessment to understand your customers environment and know what recommendations would be helpful. Some of your current customers may be impacted more than others. Review your customer verticals to assess their potential situation and needs. During a time of uncertainty, be confident in your conversations that you can help them.

How do I help during a time of uncertainty?

Image Above: Jake Wagner & Hannah O'Donnell work together on growth strategies to help MSPs and their end-user customers.

You may find that some businesses actually have more time right now to take your call. We’ve always known technology is a fundamental core component to a business. Technology is now more top of mind for many business owners evaluating how they can improve operations and re-invent their business. Outsourcing technology needs to experts like you is an option prospects might be more likely to consider so they can focus on other elements of their business. A remote workforce and technology may be a new territory for customers.

Don’t try to convince buyers, but educate, provide explanation, and identify ways you can help support their IT and business needs.

Invest in goodwill and provide services for reasonable prices. Some customers will bounce back strong, and they will remember how you helped and could potential be a customer for a lifetime. If you do anything for “free,” be sure to indicate a 100% discount on the invoice to inform customers of your flexibility during this time and efforts invested to build the relationship.

Be an MSP Who Cares for Others & Use Today to Build Relationships for Tomorrow

What are MSPs doing? They are keeping business moving forward by following up with contacts, answering questions, sharing information and keeping business moving by picking up the phone, sending thoughtful emails, jumping on video, scheduling virtual appointments, and keeping communication open.

Remember, how you handle today’s situation, can impact your reputation, sales and the future of your managed services business.

Your passion to help others is likely why you got in the managed services business. Now is a time for you to rise to the occasion. Be a hero and help your customer be a hero. Provide value in an uncertain time. Give your customers more than technology, give them operational efficiency, support and hope. Use this time to connect with others, show them how much you care, and share ways you can help them hopefully make times like these at least a little bit easier.

COVID-19 Communication Templates for MSPs

Use these free templates and customize your emails to customers, unconverted leads and cold prospects during the pandemic.

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