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May 12, 2020

Video Above: Jake Wagner, Strategic Business Advisor from Collabrance, talks with JP Cervo, Regional Sales Manager at Etactics to hear more about how they are adapting to keep IT business moving.

Q&A with Technology Vendor, Etactics

How's Business?

Despite the circumstances, March was actually our best month to date at Etactics since our inception in 1999. I can't say that we followed up April with quite the same numbers, but our solutions are still needed by the clients we serve in the several verticals. The core of our IT solutions has a tremendous impact on the financial reimbursements our clients expect to receive from their patients and customers. More than ever, they depend on us to continue providing them with the same level of service they've come to expect.

What's the biggest shift you've seen in the IT channel?

85% of the customers we serve today exist in the healthcare space, so I'll speak to what I've observed in this particular vertical or industry. The majority of covered entities or healthcare vendors have obviously moved business operations to a remote platform. That introduces a lot of additional security concerns and risks to these organizations.

People dealing with sensitive data in environments that are no longer truly controlled by their organizations, provide cyber criminals many new vulnerabilities to exploit, or low hanging fruit to pick. Cybersecurity is more important now than it ever has been.

Healthcare practices and practitioners have done all they can to operate remotely. Telemedicine has allowed these practitioners to provide healthcare services while still practicing social distancing.

The question I ask people working at home is, “Are you doing the things that need to be done to protect the data and infrastructure of your organization, and of your organization's or client's patients?”

Now more than ever, organizations whether in the healthcare space or not, need to make sure their employees are working according to compliance and information security standards.

What's one of the most notable changes Etactics has made as an organization?

About two months ago Etactics made the decision to allow its employees to work fully remotely. Fortunately, we have been preparing for this type of scenario for more than 5 years. Prior, all of our employees had already been afforded the ability to work one day a week from home. So everyone was already set up to be able to work remotely or from home before the start of the pandemic.

In the last 18 months we've also dedicated a lot of time and energy into improving contingency plans, etc. We've also implemented a mandate that all internal meetings require participants to activate their web cams during the meeting. This helps to maintain that personal level of interaction people miss from not being in the office. I think it's definitely helped improve communication while being remote.

What's one of the most notable adaptations you've personally made?

For myself, the first thing I did was really set up my home office. My wife and I spend a lot of time on the phone for our jobs. We also deal with sensitive information throughout the course of the day. It was important for us to find and establish separate work spaces that would allow us to do our jobs effectively, prevent workspace contamination, remain compliant, etc.

I've also shifted focus a bit over the last two months. Sales and prospecting for us and across the country have slowed, there's no denying that.
I’ve used this as an opportunity to work more closely with our development team, identify improvements that need to be made to our solutions, and create a blueprint on how to implement changes.

I've been able to use this lull in sales activity to really focus efforts on making our IT solutions even better for when some normalcy is restored.

How are you continuing to reach your audience?

Our approach at Etactics is always to lead by education. We’ve been holding more compliance webinars as a way to help inform customers and prospects of what they need to be aware of in today’s environment, why information security is so important to their business, and share ways we can help or things they can do to improve.

The information and answers we provide upfront through inbound marketing efforts, can hopefully help prospects make a good decision whether we are a fit to work together, or not – while respecting each other’s time.

While we prefer to build relationships with in-person visits, today we are using video conferencing to still meet with customer, prospects and even our internal team. Video has been great for us to continue interaction while we all practice social distancing working remote.

Have you found yourself slowing down?

I can't say that my work routine has necessarily slowed down. My focus has shifted a bit, but still going full speed with current projects and initiatives. However, my life outside of work has definitely had a change of pace. My wife and I have cooked a lot more meals, and taken the time to enjoy them – rather than shove them down our throats to get out the door.

I've spent a lot less time thinking about tomorrow, and have really enjoyed each moment as it comes.

On a side now, I've knocked out a ton of home projects and despite the extension of winter we're experiencing here in NE Ohio, my yard is looking better than ever!

If you were to line out a silver lining, given the current circumstances, what would that be?

We all have to find a silver lining with regards to what's transpired over the last few months. From a business perspective, I've had a chance to really evaluate our solutions and services. This has allowed me to focus on ways that we can improve them. It's nice to have the time to do this rather than trying to fit it into an already crazy work schedule. From a personal perspective, I think we've all learned to appreciate some things that we may have taken for granted in the past.

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