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Aug 04, 2020

Master Managed Services Provider (MSP) Knowledge Base Provides Customers Tools to Scale IT Business Faster

(Cedar Rapids, IA) – Collabrance LLC, a GreatAmerica Company, says their new customer portal is the industry standard for equipping MSPs for success. Launched on August 3rd, the portal is a holistic resource to help MSPs enhance their IT business, scale faster, and assist with deeper training with its more comprehensive knowledge base.

MSP customers have exclusive access to information that contains on-demand trainings, tools, and resources designed to help them go-to-market faster and achieve greater success in their managed services business. In addition, the new Collabrance Portal will proactively provide MSPs with answers to their questions and retrieve the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

“The new Collabrance Portal is great! I like the centralized information and tools. It is easy to navigate and organized, which allows me to save time when I’m looking for Sales/Marketing, or Discoveries/Onboardings resources,” shares Eddie Darmawan, CEO at D1 Networks.

“I was fortunate to preview the new Collabrance Portal during beta testing. I found it so helpful, I immediately asked if the rest of my team could be granted early access as well so they could start using the new Collabrance Portal and resources too!”

The new Collabrance Portal helps MSP customers with:

  • Submitting Orders & Requesting Reports
  • Documentation & Training
  • Tools & Templates
  • Consistency & Standardization
  • Full Access to Resource Library & Video Collection

“We continue to find ways to reduce the friction between customers and the knowledge they seek to be their best,” shares Corey Kerns, Vice President & General Manager at Collabrance. “Our team has daily conversations with MSPs, which informs everyday creation of knowledge assets in the portal. Our approach is to build relationships and understand how we can best help MSPs; the new Collabrance Portal is just an additional self-service option and value-add service MSPs can also use as a resource.”

MSPs interested in previewing the new Collabrance Portal and learning various resources the Master MSP provides to customers are encouraged to register for the upcoming webinar:

MSP Resources to Grow & Scale Your Business

Free GreatAmerica Webinar featuring Collabrance on August 13th at Noon (Central)
Attendees will receive some of the most popular assets MSPs use working with Collabrance.

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