The 5 Pre-Requisites of a Managed IT Sale

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Oct 13, 2020

Playlist Above: Get all answers to the five pre-requisites of a managed IT sale in our video series from last month!

Use These Requirements in Your MSP Sales Process

#1 - A Recognized Need

Identify your prospect's issues and the implications.

How many of you are interested in shortening your sales cycle down to minutes after presenting your proposal? What if you could walk out of your proposal presentation with a signed agreement and avoid countless number of follow ups? Do you have a strategy to gain signatures the same day of proposal?

#2 - A Viable Solution

Relate how your solution is a good fit for the prospect's needs.

Do you ever find yourself so excited to talk about how great your product or solution is you forget to find out if it even addresses the problem your prospect has? Do you ever start preaching the IT gospel before you know what that problem even is? Let's address the importance of making sure you have a viable solution!

#3 - Value Justifies the Cost

Quantify the prospect's pain points, and show them how your solution will make them more profitable and productive.

How many of you have ever lost a deal due to price? How many of you are often times the most expensive solution on the table? Do you have a strategy to cost-justify your solution? Or are you, like most, going into the proposal ‘fingers crossed’ that the decision makers are prepared to sign regardless? Here are some critical steps you and your sales team need to be taking when preparing to close the deal.

#4 - A Sense of Urgency

Identify enough urgent pain points for the customer to move forward with your solution.

How are you providing a big enough sense of urgency that customers are signing your agreement(s) immediately? Are you confident when you walk into your proposal presentation that you have properly quantified to your customer how much money, time, and energy their business is wasting towards their bottom line? Here's how to create a sense of urgency during the proposal presentation to walk out with a signed agreement.

#5 - Authority to Buy

Work with the decision maker(s). You can satisfy 4 out of the 5 pre-requisites, but if you aren't dealing with the decision maker, the deal won't close.

Have you ever given a great proposal, only to hear your prospect tell you that they need to run it by the decision maker? Asking someone else in the company to sell your solution for you is not a recipe for success! Here is the final key to the MSP sales puzzle - presenting directly to the person(s) who have the ability to say “Yes!”

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