Charging for Network Assessments

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Case Study

PERRY proTECH qualifies better leads and closes 2.5x's more sales when charging for Network Assessments

Some Service Providers hesitate to charge a prospect for a Network Assessment fearing that the cost won’t allow them to get their foot-in-the-door and close the sale. This is a missed opportunity for Service Providers to maximize their revenue and overall success in managed services.

PERRY proTECH, a strong employee-owned Service Provider, has been growing and building their company since 1965 in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. As a leading Service Provider, they made a decision to start charging for their Network Assessments to help identify true prospects, allow more time for lead tracking, and contribute to the bottom line. PERRY proTECH experienced immediate results like generating more revenue, as well as improving other business challenges they were facing.

Common Challenges in a Managed Services Sale

The sales process for managed services is longer than most. Some of challenges for Service Providers can include:

  • Unpaid labor time
  • Little sense of urgency
  • Unqualified leads
  • Objections gathering information
  • Decision maker not present

Overcoming MSP Challenges by Charging for Network Assessments

PERRY proTECH helps customers understand the value of their Network Assessment which justifies the upfront costs associated with it. The Network Assessment is an investment to fully understand the customer's current technology environment, and accurately determine an effective solution. This includes dedicated time and resources to evaluate the customer's current network state, security needs, and performance issues.

Get Sales by Charging for Network Assessments

"Revenue has gone up since charging for Network Assessments.
We have gained time and revenue, by identifying quality clients who
see the value in paying for our Network Assessment fee, and the solution we provide.”

– Chris McVety

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