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Common Questions about Master Managed Services Providers Blog Feature

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By: Collabrance LLC on March 31st, 2022

Common Questions about Master Managed Services Providers

There’s a lot that can be said about a master MSP, and stereotypes in the industry may have you questioning the facts about working with an outsourced provider. You may not know exactly what you’re getting from Collabrance if you’ve never worked with us before, so we’re here to answer the questions most commonly asked about our master MSP model.

Who owns the customer relationship?

Collabrance is 100% white labeled: the only contract we have is with you – not your customer. Because we’re a channel-only master MSP, our interests lie only in helping service providers be more successful. In doing so, we view your customers as an extension of your business. When we help your customers, we help you, which helps us.

Will I be trapped in a long-term contract?

We are confident in our abilities to support your business and don’t need to lock you into a long-term contract. Collabrance offers month-to-month agreements so you can focus on what is right for you. Our month-to-month approach is tailored for your business success. If something isn’t going well, we simply ask for 90 days’ notice to offboard your business from Collabrance services.

How can I trust a master MSP with my customers?

Lots of MSPs have a bad taste in their mouth from prior experiences outsourcing managed IT. At Collabrance, we consider our service providers’ success to be our success, so it is critical we provide an exceptional support experience. The numbers speak for themselves: our service desk averages a 90% remote resolution rate – meaning we’ll work every angle we can to avoid escalating tickets back to your team, and we maintain an average 97% customer satisfaction rating. We take care of managed IT for you so you can focus on what makes your business grow.

How will we keep our personal touch when outsourcing?

Collabrance provides a 100% U.S. based, two-ring live answer service experience that makes your customers feel welcome to call in and confident in our ability to resolve their problem. Our team members achieve HDI certification within 90 days of joining Collabrance; we hire for attitude first, and aptitude second – but our performance stats let you know that our employees are more than capable at solving customer problems. We also aim to provide our MSPs with as much transparency as possible. As an MSP, you will have access to all customer communication and a real time BrightGuage report so you always know how the Collabrance team is performing for your customers.


Now that we’ve answered these questions, we hope it’s clear to you that Collabrance isn’t your average master MSP. From flexible service offerings to our personalized approach to business, we prioritize the things that make you succeed.

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