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How to Reduce Your Challenge of Getting and Keeping IT Technical Talent for Your Managed Services Business Blog Feature

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By: Hannah ODonnell on March 3rd, 2020

How to Reduce Your Challenge of Getting and Keeping IT Technical Talent for Your Managed Services Business

Video Above: During our recent webinar with Taylor Business Group, we had the opportunity to hear from DJ Dillenberger from Americom, and Warren Hino from Numa Networks, on how they are overcoming the challenge of hiring and retaining technical talent for their managed services business.

MSPs Share How They Stay Ahead of the IT Labor Shortage Challenge

In-house recruiting and retaining strategy.

Warren Hino

To keep their managed services business staffed with the right people, Numa Networks gets creative to stand out amongst all of the other IT providers in their area. Their recruitment efforts can be a full-time job to create strong brand awareness within their local market and to continue to be recognized as one of the best places to work in the Orange County area. This helps attract eager junior technical staff that they are looking for to grow their IT business.

At Numa Networks, half of their workforce was hired in the last 3-5 years, and for over 50% of their staff, this is their first IT job. To help retain their technical talent, Numa Network’s team focuses on developing their staff to promote within, and provide engagement with growth opportunities. Numa Networks has had success recruiting more entry-level technicians, and retained them by providing development programs and promotions.

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Backed by a Master MSP technical team of experts.

DJ Dillenberger

Americom was experiencing the daily frustration of an MSP wondering who was going to show up for work that day, who was available to answer phones, and go onsite - on top of the overall pain of determining how to stay ahead of the hiring game. When they were short-staffed, everyone felt the pain. After continuous pain and turnover, Americom decided to take a look at a Master MSP to help grow their IT business without the headache of hiring and retaining technical talent.

As they grew their managed services business, they explored the option of outsourcing to work with Collabrance. One of the major benefits to outsourcing that resonated with Americom was the fact they could be backed up by a team of technicians, subject matter experts (SMEs), and a fully-staffed help desk ready to go with proven processes. They choose to work with Collabrance based on the culture alignment, trust they would take good care of their customer, and work ethic to help build their reputation.

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Gain IT Expertise and Resources without Hiring and Retaining Internal Headcount

The inability to get and keep IT technical talent is a top risk for MSPs. When you work with Collabrance, you immediately gain access to 50+ individuals who support your account and business without having to worry about recruiting, hiring and retaining those team members. In addition, since Collabrance is a wholly owned subsidiary of GreatAmerica, we have another enterprise team of technical SMEs we can use as a resource when needed. MSPs who work with Collabrance are able to focus on scaling their IT business, without hiring additional in-house headcount.

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