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Is Your MSP Equipped To Offer the SOC Solutions Your Customers Need? Blog Feature

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John Schroeder

By: John Schroeder on January 28th, 2024

Is Your MSP Equipped To Offer the SOC Solutions Your Customers Need?

Cyber vulnerabilities are not new, but threats are growing in complexity every day. Recent studies show 46% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have experienced a ransomware attack, and the majority of SMBs report being extremely or somewhat concerned about a ransomware attack, with half of these businesses planning to increase their security budgets and the number of employees working on cybersecurity.  

So, what do these statistics mean for managed IT? 

Primarily, opportunity. Despite the seemingly infinite list of statistics that show how real cyber risk is to SMBs, small businesses have been notoriously slow to adopt the security products necessary to adequately protect their company assets. But as more businesses begin to understand it’s not a matter of IF an incident will occur, but WHEN, the tide may be turning. An increased demand for security talent could mean an expanded market for outsourced IT.  

Opportunity, of course, means nothing unless IT providers are prepared to meet this demand – but a one-size-fits-all security solution likely won’t suffice for your small business customers’ specialized needs. With this in mind, Collabrance is always seeking solutions to help IT providers minimize their customers’ security risk. We offer SIEM and SOC services with Barracuda MSP’s XDR family of products to provide threat-protection capabilities in the following areas:  

  • Cloud security: Proactive 24x7 monitoring for Microsoft Azure
  • Endpoint security: Proactive 24x7 monitoring for Microsoft Workstations (includes SentinelOne EDR)
  • Server security: Proactive 24x7 monitoring for Microsoft Windows Server environments  
  • Network security: Proactive 24x7 monitoring for network firewalls and switches

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Barracuda’s offerings and capabilities.  

What is Barracuda XDR?

Barracuda is a technology organization providing end-to-end security products for the MSP channel. For end users with regulatory requirements or high value exposure, XDR is the product that provides a 24X7 security operations center (SOC).  

Barracuda has long maintained a focus on protecting small and medium-sized businesses. Through their partnership with Collabrance and the MSPs that work with us, Barracuda is able to further its mission of making cybercrime protection accessible to businesses of all sizes.  

Barracuda operates via threat-detection tools that use AI-powered algorithms. The vast scope of MSP subscribers served by Barracuda XDR provides real data for the AI learning model to stay on the leading edge of threat intelligence.  

Whatever a customer’s needs, Collabrance has a customizable XDR product offering.  

Why should MSPs consider adding Barracuda XDR? 

Adopting outsourced cybersecurity products allows an MSP to offer SOC solutions without having to make the investment to create their own security operations center. And solutions like Barracuda XDR means information across all areas – cloud, endpoint, server, and network – can be managed and monitored within a single, centralized platform, making threat detection faster and easier to remediate.  

Other advantages of outsourced SOC services include:  

  • Cost savings: Running an internal SOC would cost upwards of $1 million (or more!) annually for costs like labor, facilities, data storage, and liability insurance.  
  • Expert talent: SOC providers have teams of highly trained security analysts monitoring their customers’ networks and investigating security breaches when they occur – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  
  • Streamlined technology: Instead of trying to piece together different security services that may or may not work together to provide the protection your customers need, a bundled SOC solution provides wider coverage with fewer tools.  
  • Brand trust and reputation: Leveraging SOC services from an expert third-party means peace of mind for you and your customers, and less risk of a reputation-damaging incident occurring on your watch.  

How can I encourage my SMB customers to adopt cybersecurity solutions? 

When selling advanced cybersecurity, objections and pushback are common. Despite the promising new data that shows an increased emphasis on cybersecurity for SMBs, many small businesses still hesitate to prioritize cyber protection, either believing it’s not necessary or that they don’t have the necessary budget.  

As an IT provider, you have the opportunity to lead from the front with cybersecurity. With the right information, you can position security as non-negotiable. There’s no need to scare customers with alarming statistics, but you can provide education about cyber risk and help your small business customers create a thoughtful, proactive cyber protection plan that meets their needs.  

Here are some steps you can take to guide your customers in addressing their security needs:  

  1. Establish the customer’s risk profile. What information, data and systems are the most critical to their business? 
  2. Educate the customer on layered security around those systems and why monitoring those systems is essential to knowing if there is a problem.  
  3. Emphasize the importance of response time in the face of an incident. Security breaches can have a significant business impact, potentially leading to lost data, downtime, and reputational damage. By having a plan in place, businesses can minimize the damage and get back up and running as quickly as possible.    
  4. Discuss a security framework that encompasses not only technology, but people and processes as well.  

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In conclusion 

Small and medium-sized businesses need a dedicated technology partner to help expertly guide them through the unnerving world of modern cybersecurity. The Barracuda XDR platform via Collabrance provides MSPs with the tools and expertise needed to deliver best-of-breed cybersecurity services to end-users, which, if adopted, will surely improve a businesses’ security risk posture. Click below to see more managed security tools and resources for MSPs, or get in touch with a member of the Collabrance team to discuss how we can help you meet your customers’ cybersecurity needs.  


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John Schroeder

Director, IT Operations - Collabrance LLC