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The Journey to Becoming an IT Technician Blog Feature
Maddy Lewis

By: Maddy Lewis on November 21st, 2022

The Journey to Becoming an IT Technician

In 2015, I, Maddy Lewis, embarked on my journey to become the next great American novelist. For seven years I did a very convincing starving artist routine—complete with a bad foodservice job and 40 hours a week of writing novels that would never see the light of day. If you’d told me then that I would find myself working at an IT help desk, I would have laughed in your face. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the idea of sitting at a desk or living my best IT Crowd dreams, I just wasn’t as technically minded as I’d always assumed the job required.  

I was an artist, and artists don’t do tech.  

I applied to GreatAmerica, Collabrance’s parent company, in a desperate bid to make rent. It was one of the dozen applications I submitted, and I had made peace with the grueling administrative job that reached out to me first. When GreatAmerica reached out, I was dumbfounded. I thought there had been a clerical error. How does a waitress become an IT technician? I spent my first month with the company sure that at any moment they would realize their mistake.  

Instead, I was amazed by just how quickly the team helped me learn.   

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How I began working in IT 

The first week at Collabrance was a whirlwind; I went home every night feeling certain that I would never catch on, but still ambitious and willing to learn. By the third week, I was taking customer calls to the service desk, and by the fourth week I was doing so without my team mentor helping me. That was scary; the learning curve is steep and hitting the ground running can be nerve-wracking. I quickly realized that no matter how many calls I took or how many seemingly basic or silly questions I had, there was never a time that I felt like I had been left to my own devices, or that I felt judged or insufficient for the role.  

The IT technicians at Collabrance are supportive, helpful, and eager to teach. Asking questions is encouraged and celebrated, and every question is met with more answers than is often strictly necessary. There is a humor and friendliness among all IT technicians at Collabrance, and that makes it easy and exciting to come to work every morning—a quality which I’d never found in another job. The leadership is approachable and encouraging, and there is always time in the workday to enjoy the company of the excellent team or take a step away to learn something new.  

Most amazing of all: When I leave work every day, I have the energy and presence of mind to still want to pursue my passions. A lot of jobs in the past have drained me, but at Collabrance, I find that I can go home and still write. I never thought I could find a job like this, that felt simultaneously fulfilling and encouraging in such a way that I could walk away every day feeling excited to come back. Especially in customer service. 

So, I encourage anyone, no matter the background, no matter the experience, to consider a job with Collabrance. The environment, the training, and the customer-focus of this group is engaging and encouraging. The genuine care for one another, the enthusiastic teamwork encouraged and displayed by all levels of techs, and the overall feeling of belonging has created, for me, an incredibly positive work environment that would make anyone feel at home.  

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Working in IT at Collabrance 

If you are interested in working in the IT industry as an IT service desk technician, make sure to visit the Collabrance careers page to see what positions are available. 


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Maddy Lewis

Service Desk Triage Specialist, Collabrance, LLC.