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GreatAmerica Workers Recharge in new Oasis

GreatAmerica opened an "oasis" entertainment and activity center to help employees re-center, refocus and re-engage.
his space was built to represent the company culture and includes

Innovation Starts with "I" GreatAmerica Leadership Training

Bob Eckert, CEO of New & Improved, shares 3 things you can do to be an innovative leader.
Fosters the GreatAmerica Innovation Culture Innovation is key to continued success and … Any culture change must start at an individual level. Yo

Why I Chose to Return Back to Work from Maternity Leave

Finding a work-life balance with a company filled with family and friends.
e first time in the hospital. How Company Culture Can Play a Role on Employees Choosing to Ret…ly and friends. We have an amazing workplace culture. If it wasn

A Day in the Life at Collabrance: Senior Finance & Operations Analyst

Corey Kerns shares what a typical day looks like for him working at Collabrance as a Senior Finance and Operations Analyst