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5 Tips To Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Tips to reduce your risk of becoming a ransomware victim.
it systems will help protect against vulnerabilities which extortionists take advantage of. U…ou absolutely must backup your data and keep it in a safe location

Passwords and Password Policies... A Love/Hate Relationship

Why password policies are in place and so important as a safety precaution.
ps into our head can be answered in seconds with a quick search online. We keep massive part…s on electronic devices that we carry along with us all time. We no longer buy stamps becaus

What to Look for in a Backup Solution

Deliver improved business continuity your customers need and understand.
Deliver Improved Business Continuity Your Customers Need and Understand Busine…ss continuity is the ability to keep your customer…made or technical disaster. It isn

Computer and Cyber Security Best Practices

Best practices to better protect your information online.
Cyber Security Best Practices to Better Protect Your Infor…mation Online Security breaches of online information have become …nformation. There are a number of cyber security threats lurking out there and increasing by

The Benefits of Hiring a Millennial for Your Managed Service Business: Part 1 of 3

Learn the benefits of hiring tech savvy millennials.
I grew up with technology… and social media. I learned to embrace it in every aspect of my day… but almost expect it. Millennials are tech savvy…s hiring them are finding the following benefits

Keeping Your Data Clean

Spring cleaning tips for your information, files and data.
it We made it through the cold winter and we…t have a clue where itterm benefits. Here are some tips to help you start clean…. Something like having a naming convention with the last updated date can help. If you

Why should You Choose a Career in Technology and Managed Service?

Interview with Hollie Braid, Director of Services at Collabrance.
Hollie Braid shares the IT job opportunities in a community video with a local college… why she enjoys it and the opportunities for others. How long have you been workin

Why You Should Hire Millenials in Tech: Part 2 of 3

Did you know 43% of millennials consider themselves "work martyrs" compared to 29% of all workers?
Many professional millennials are strapped with student loan debt… mental fortitude. We now see we…es who also applied for the same open job position…e around the 2008 recession when there were little to no job opportunities. When the market

Part 3 of 3: Why Hire Millennial Talent & How to Retain It

Millennials want to grow with your company.
Keeping that talent. With projections of nearly half of all U.S. work…t we all say itlet us be the Executive V.P. of Awesomeness within our first six months

The 3 C’s: What to Look for When Hiring Your Next MSP Sales Rep

Hire a superhero sales candidate.
Have Traits to Look For I was recently asked … and they must fit the culture of the organization. Sometimes b…usiness owners can get caught up with a flashy sales person selling themselves du