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The Cybersecurity Blueprint for Managed IT Service Providers

A Four-Part Model for Proving Comprehensive Layered Security.
e you start implementing these practices and technology of the model

The Best in Business Always Standardize

How standardization increases efficiency for managed services, and any business.
provide a standardized technology stack for your managed services offering

How to Become a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP): Your Customer Depends On It

Opportunity for MSPs to differentiate themselves and position their IT business as an industry leader with only 18% of the market considering themselves an MSSP.
Collabrance enhanced our technology roadmap to include the security components n… An MSP provides a standardized technology stack and proactively manages a customer

Cybersecurity Tips to Educate End-User Customers

The best way to combat scammers is to educate ourselves with the current techniques they are using.

How MSPs Can Help Reduce Your Managed IT Customers Chance of a Data Breach

Your customers are at risk! Here is how you can help protect them and their information…
and most are frankly unaware. As technology providers…things we can do to leverage our position as technology subject matter experts …n. Hackers figure out ways to evade security technology. The industry responds with signatures

How MSPs Should Plan to Enhance their IT Cybersecurity Services in 2019

MSPs must continually evaluate and enhance upon their security offering by researching, investigating and vetting new services.
nd upon our offering as we continue down our technology roadmap