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What to Look for in a Backup Solution

Deliver improved business continuity your customers need and understand.

Backup Disaster Recovery Plan Tested & Successful During Louisiana 2016 Flood

Natural disaster case study from Datto featuring Collabrance and AOS.
s offices that we support was two feet under water. The doctor of the

How does the Collabrance Service Activation Team help MSPs?

The Service Activation Team's overall roles and responsibilities for managed services.
technicians not only handled incoming support calls for subscribers… but also provided support services for our MSP Partner technicians. In… to provide project management and technical support to our MSP Partners in three major areas

The Importance of Services Standardization for MSPs

Solution Providers who adopt standardization grow their business faster and easier.
and support. The best case scenario for you and your …customers is if you can agree to support their entire environment. Selling an a la ca… into the Service Desk assuming something is supported by them

MSP Onboarding Checklist: Tips to Improve First-Call Resolution & Managed Services Onboarding Process

Cobb Technologies uses onboarding process to provide exceptional service to customers from the start.
walks them through how to get in touch with support and educate them on IT best practices. It al…oyees with a short video to recap the new IT support services. 8. Use Proper Metrics in the O