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Collabrance Expands Offerings to Include New Master Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Solution

Newly enhanced private-label Master MSSP Offering helps IT Solution Providers & their SMB customers.
Private-Label Master MSSP Offering Helps IT Solution Providers & Their SMB Customers Collabrance, a GreatAmerica IT Company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, announced a new Master M……

Why a Prospect’s “IT Guy” Will Never be as Good as an MSP

Every company has a "tech person" of some sort. Here is why a prospect's "tech person" will never be as good as an MSP.
Help your prospects understand the business implications of not having an MSP Partner. Almost every company has some sort of a “tech person.” When a consultant from an MSP is mee……

How Technical is too Technical in your MSP Conversations?

Speak with your managed services customers and prospects, not over them.
Image Above: Drew explains newly improved ticketing process to other techs. Do your customers and prospects use terms like “Managed Services Provider (MSP),” or do they use oth……

Is Collabrance for Sale?

A message from our Founder, Tony Golobic CEO & Chairman of GreatAmerica Finanicial Services.
“Of course not, Collabrance is absolutely not for sale! You may be a bit skeptical, as you may be thinking that every business is for sale at the right price, right?" says Tony Gol……

Intelligence, Penchant for Finding Solutions Propels GreatAmerica Difference Maker Greg VanDeWalker

Greg VanDeWalker talks with ENX Magazine about what is most important to evolving in the MSP Space.
Greg VanDeWalker Talks About Building a Future What is the key to staying ahead? Greg VanDeWalker, Senior Vice President of IT Channel & Service at GreatAmerica & Collabrance, ta……

MSP 501 Profile: Collabrance Stresses Cyber Security

MSP 501 winner Collabrance announces new cyber security offering and talks about growth areas.
MSP 501 Honoree Collabrance Announces Newly Enhanced Cyber Security Offering and Talks About Growth Corey Kerns, Vice President and General Manager at Collabrance, talks with Chann……

The GreatAmerica Experience Committee Empowers Employees to Help Keep Culture Thriving

At GreatAmerica, we lead with our standards and principles to help others understand our company culture.
Image Above: Lorrie Poland, share items from The GreatAmerica Experience Committee on ways to keep culture top of mind. How do your team members regularly highlight your compan……

10 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Pick a Master MSP

It’s a big decision for an MSP to outsource, so how do you pick the right company?
What to Look for in an Outsourced Technology Provider The category of “Master Managed Service Provider (MSP)” in the IT Channel has become a bigger and a more diverse category……