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60% of Businesses Hit by Ransomware Go Out of Business Within 6 Months

Are you protected in the event of an attack? A good backup plan can be a matter of life and death for your business.
Most Cyber Attacks Are Aimed at SMBs Ransomware and other types of cyber security attacks are running rampant in today’s world. If you follow any news source you have probably hear……

What is an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)?

Learn how we differentiate an MSP from an MSSP as the IT Channel continues to evolve.
Image Above: Entrance to the Collabrance Network Operations Center (NOC). What is an MSSP? As the IT Channel continues to evolve, so do our industry acronyms including the……

The Reality of Businesses Falling Victim to a Cybersecurity Attack

The importance of proactively running IT risk assessments.
Image Above: What Type is Your Organization with Cybersecurity Commitment? 1, 2 or 3? The Importance of Proactively Running IT Risk Assessments Organizations are not blind, but ……

Managed Security Services in the Healthcare Industry

Navigating and understanding HIPPA for MSPs.
Navigating and Understanding HIPAA for MSPs You’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who has always helped secure networks for commercial organizations. You're getting an itch to e……

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Reminders to Better Protect Data & Information

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Here is what you can do to prevent data incidents.
Image Above: 16.7 million customers fell victim to identity fraud (Javelin Strategy & Research, 2017). Why Cybersecurity is Important Inside and Outside of the Business Cybersec……