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Data Recovery & Backup Services

Provide your customers peace of mind their information is securely backed up.

Backup only is offered as a supplemental opportunity to MSPs. The BDR service creates a volume-level image of servers to a dedicated backup appliance. This image is replicated to the Cloud to ensure business continuity. In the event of a disaster, protected servers can be virtualized locally or in the Cloud. The image on the server may also be used to recover a physical server (bare metal restore) or exported into a virtual environment.

  • Retrieve your data and recover quickly after a failure
    • You can go from a full server failure to back up and running in minutes
  • Lose less data when a failure occurs
    • Your data is backed up and secured throughout your operational hours instead of waiting until the evening or weekend, which means that the last backup could happen just minutes before a failure occurs
  • Multiple points of resilience and recovery
    • Data is stored on dedicated appliances and in data centers offsite. Local appliances are available instantly if a server fails and data must be restored, and offsite data centers can be accessed if you suffer a full site disaster
  • Flexibility to optimize performance
    • Server cycles can be dynamically assigned and be automatically adjusted whenever and wherever you need them, to handle spikes in your business data and process flow
  • Agility and Scalability
    • Increasing or decreasing your storage capacity is tiered and can be changed on demand, as you need to adjust your business data volumes
    • Appliances are field upgradeable for additional storage or memory needs

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What's Included in Backup Only

Enhancement opportunity for MSPs with a current book of business.

Image Level Backup
Monitor, remediate and restore X
Failed backup X
Daily screenshot verification X
Recoveries mounted for more than 3 days X
Device hardware failures X
Low disk space on appliance X
Cloud incrementals out of sync by more than 2 days X
Restore individual files from protected volumes X
Exchange granular recovery X
Proactive maintenance and testing
Regular appliance reboots X
Mount and check all volumes in a file restore without issue quarterly X
Virtualization testing twice a year (Once locally; Once offsite) X
Bare metal restore X
Local virtualization X
Cloud virtualization X
File Level Backup
Monitor and remediate X
Backup failures X
Backup warnings X
Recovery of individual files X

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Collabrance Support

  • Verify and clarify information
  • Configure data protection
  • Review firmware and capacity for all transferred devices
  • Collabrance systems ready (monitoring & alerting)
  • Escalate tickets as needed

Service Provider Responsibilities

  • Collect information needed
  • Deliver BDR device & connect to the network
  • Inform subscriber when service is active
  • Respond to escalated tickets

Collabrance a Top Datto Partner

Datto is the leading provider of total data protection solutions for businesses around the world. Collabrance is proud to be a Blue Status member in Datto’s partner program, the highest classification provided by Datto that represents the top 5% of partners, worldwide.

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*Migration opportunities available to MSPs with a current book of business.