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Security Solution Costs

How is the MSSP Offering priced?

The Cybersecurity Bundle is $36 per user / per month. Our Collabrance MSP Offering pricing starts around $55 - $75 per user, and supplementing it with our Cybersecurity Bundle brings the all-in price to less than $100 per user for the Collabrance MSSP Offering.

Per User / Per Month
Cybersecurity Bundle $36
Collabrance MSP Offering $55-$75
Collabrance MSSP Offering Price: $90 - $110

*One-time setup fee of $500 per customer

How much should an MSP sell this type of offering for?

Target price should be $200+ per user / per month for an offering of this caliber. Collabrance has created a robust MSSP Offering you can purchase for around $100 per user, and sell for over $200 per user for a gross margin of approximately 50%.

Per User / Per Month
Your COGS $100
Your Suggested Markup $100
Your Gross Margin Target 50%
Your Go-to-Market Price: $200+
“We came in with the MSSP Offering and a price increase to a customer who hasn’t changed for 10 years. The customer was already bought in and asked where they could sign.”

- Michael Molony, Managed Solutions Group

Other MSSP Offering Price FAQs

Can I purchase the Cybersecurity Bundle as a standalone, without the Collabrance MSP Offering?

Yes. Provided that you are using Collabrance NOC & Service Desk, you can purchase the Cybersecurity Bundle without being on Collabrance’s MSP offering. However, depending on the environment (such as email platform) you may not be able to leverage all of the benefits of the bundle. Contact Collabrance to evaluate if the Cybersecurity Bundle can effectively supplement your current managed services offering.

Are SIEM and SOC services included in the $36 per user price?

No. While Collabrance highly recommends SIEM and SOC services be included in the overall managed services offering, we have excluded them from the per user price. Collabrance has these services available at very competitive per device / per month price if interested.

Are there additional charges that are not included in the $36 per user per month pricing?

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Security threats are growing, is your managed services offering?

Cybersecurity challenges and attacks are increasing on a daily basis. The Collabrance MSSP Offering is ready to help keep you and your customer ahead with our best-in-class offerings. Connect with our team to learn more about your opportunity to work with Collabrance and ways we can help you scale your managed services business faster with while mitigating risk and managing overhead.

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When the highest-level of cybersecurity is needed, you can offer the reliable security solutions your customers desire with the Collabrance MSSP Offering.


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Protect customers' networks and data, help them better understand, manage and mitigate their risk. Collabrance offers solutions guided by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and may be able to assist with your customers' compliance needs.