Migrating Accounts

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Transition Current Managed Services Customers to Collabrance

Strategy for MSPs to migrate existing accounts.

Why move current customers to Collabrance?

Collabrance handles an average of 95% of issues remotely so you have more time to focus on generating more managed services MRR and higher revenue generating opportunities like project work, assessments and onboardings. Your MRR will also continue to increase because you will have more resources dedicated to building new business and onboardings. You can now put your people in positions they are passionate about and maximize their revenue potential, which will ultimately help you recruit and retain employees. In addition, Collabrance also maintains an average of 97% measured customer satisfaction month to month to ensure that you maintain your positive reputation. One of the many reasons Service Providers work with a Master MSP, is so someone else can handle managing the tools and the vendors, so you can focus on higher revenue generating opportunities to grow your business.

Do you keep your toolset?

All new managed services customers can be onboarded with the Collabrance Toolset. But for your existing customers, it will take time to transition them the right way. In the short term, you will need to continue using your tools regardless of who you work with to accommodate your current customers on managed services contracts, and any managed services customers who are not onboarded prior to working with a Collabrance. We recommend keeping your tools in the beginning of working with Collabrance, and as you convert your customers over to Collabrance, we will move them onto our platform.

As for the firewall and backup Service Providers can wait until those contracts are up for renewal and either transition to our platform or continue using their resources to support those elements. You will have full access into our RMM tool and a full integration into our PSA tool.

Eventually, the end goal is that you wouldn't need to invest the training, money and time needed to manage a technology toolset by leveraging Collabrance.

What are the first steps to migrate existing accounts?

We can migrate as many customers at a time that your team allows. We typically start with the customers you identify are top priority and continue to build this list as customers go live on our services. Collabrance treats existing customers the same as a net new customer. Our first steps to migrate existing accounts include:

Our Service Activation Team will also provide onboarding assistance and work with your team to make sure we are able to transition the customer successfully and seamlessly.

60 Day Onboarding Plan