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Technology Product Development & Releases for MSPs

We understand as technology continues to evolve, so do the needs of the products and services MSPs need to serve their customers. Collabrance has a dedicated Product Development Team focused on proactively staying ahead of the technology curve by providing the IT solutions MSPs need to scale their managed services business and become a trusted advisor in their competitive market.

Image Above: Overview of the product development timeline and release process for MSPs.

How does Collabrance decide what IT products and services to offer to MSPs?

Product Development Process

Identifying the Need

Collabrance is always looking to expand its scope of services. We receive requests and recommendations from many different sources. These include, but are not limited to, our managed service providers (MSPs), technology vendors and employees. Each quarter we evaluate the needs of MSPs, their customers and the IT channel to update our product development roadmap. 

Define Requirements 

Once Collabrance has identified the need to add a new solution or enhance an existing solution we begin the process of identifying the specific functionality required. Defining requirements helps us create the technical and financial criteria a potential solution must meet.

Evaluating Potential Vendors

By leveraging the list of technical and financial criteria, Collabrance begins the process of identifying vendors whose solutions appear to meet our criteria.

What is the process of adding new products or services to the Collabrance Technology Stack?

Product Release Process

Complete Internal Onboarding/Release Process

Prior to rolling out a new solution, Collabrance completes an internal onboarding and release process. This process involves multiple teams and focuses on developing pricing, creating sales and marketing materials, structuring the onboarding process and staff training.

Schedule External Rollout

Collabrance provides quarterly prerelease announcements that include upfront answers to MSP questions, information about the solution, potential benefits and a tentative release date.

MSP Training

Education and training is a critical phase in releasing a new solution. Collabrance provides both sales and technical training sessions along with resource materials to help educate our managed service provider’s teams.

Product Development Process Meeting | MSP | Collabrance
Image Above: Team members going through MSP product development process at Collabrance. 

Post Product Release Process

After a product or service has gone through our product development process it is added to our tech stack, service catalog and becomes available to MSPs to resell to their customers. The MSPs who work with Collabrance have access to all training materials through our Partner Portal. 

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