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Managed Services Technology Stack by a Master MSP

Provide your customers with the Collabrance Technology Stack, a complete managed services offering.

We provide MSPs with a standardized technology stack to go-to-market. Build your managed services technology stack with the help of Collabrance.


Video Above: Brian Wells, Director of Product Development at Collabrance reviews the Collabrance Technology Stack.

Collabrance Tech Stack FAQs

How does Collabrance view standardization for their Tech Stack?

Collabrance has technology standards for the customers we support. In order to provide the best performance and support of a network we ask our customers to meet a minimum set of technology standards. In the managed services industry, it is necessary to become an expert at a specific set of technology, as opposed to attempting to be a jack of all trades, and a master of none. All that said, we understand that not all environments are the same, and we have flexibility depending on the situation.

How does Collabrance incorporate new product enhancements?

Our technology stack is constantly being evaluated and changes are rolled out at the beginning of every quarter. The Collabrance Product Development team is constantly reviewing, developing, and adding products and services to the Collabrance technology stack.

What if my Tech Stack doesn't align? How do we get our Tech Stacks to align?

We try to get all customers to fully transition to the technology stack supported by Collabrance. If Collabrance is monitoring and supporting the network, we provide the best support experience to the customer when our technology stack is in place. In situations where our technology stack does not match the technology stack of a Service Provider, or the end user, we will review these on a case by case basis to determine if we can still effectively support the customer with different technologies in place. In addition, in these situations we will usually implement a technology plan with the goal of transitioning the customer to the Collabrance technology stack over a period of time.

How does Collabrance handle Tech Stack one-off add-ons?

If something is requested to be supported but not in the current Collabrance tech stack, it is reviewed on a case by case basis. Our Director of Product Development, as well as our Pre-Sales Engineers will review the solution, and make a decision on if we can support an environment where our technology stack is not in place. We are more flexible with some technologies than others. For example, we are not as flexible with our RMM. However we can be flexible with firewalls, backups, workstations, and email platforms.

What if I already have a Tech Stack in place?

Collabrance provides a technology stack that ensures we can provide the best management of a customer's network and the best support. Collabrance also has multiple SMEs trained in the specific technologies, products and tools we support. If we try to support technology outside our designated offering, it can be more challenging to effectively manage the network and provide a positive support experience to the customer. We resolve 95% of tickets remotely, at a measured customer satisfaction rate of over 97% for customers who are using the Collabrance technology stack. For these customers, the only time a ticket would ever need to be escalated back to the local Service Provider if someone is physically needed to go on site.

How does the Collabrance Tech Stack compare to others?

The Collabrance "all-in" offering is comparable to other "all-in" offerings in the industry. End users must evaluate the solution is able to meet or exceed their IT needs. Our five elements of support include user and server support, help desk, backup/disaster recovery, UTM/security, and email. The technologies Collabrance chooses are U.S. based, reputable, and reliable.

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