Customer Profile & Verticals

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Target Customer Profile

Collabrance Partners can use our Quick Qualifier Tool to see if a the customer is a good fit. We recommend the following target customer profile for MSPs when selling our managed services solution:

If a customer doesn't fit our ideal targeted profile, we can work together to see how it compares in our Quick Qualifier Tool, and discuss what the customer expectations are to determine if we should move forward with the assessment or walk away.

Target Verticals

Our partners have access to a Sales Vertical Repository on our Partner Portal that includes talk tracks for over 40 different verticals. However, we have seen the most success with the following verticals when selling our managed services solution:

In addition to the target Customer Profile and Verticals, we have a list of attributes we encourage our partners to look for with new customers to determine if they would be a good fit and have a need for our managed services solution.

Quick Qualifier Tool

Interested in a scorecard to determine if a customer is a good fit? Complete the form below to download our Quick Qualifier Tool to help you score potential customers.