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How an IT Company Scales Their Managed Services Business Faster with a Master MSP

Collabrance Helps MSG Grow Their Managed Services Business Quicker and with Fewer Headaches

The Managed Solutions Group (MSG) Growth Journey with Collabrance


Video Above: MSG shares their journey and the impact of their experience working with Collabrance.

“The Collabrance team really cares about us, not only professionally, but they get to know us personally as our family and our friends.” 

Mike Molony
President & CEO

“Collabrance helps us with a scalable solution that is able to grow with our customers, and MSG. Working with Collabrance to provide best-in-class gives us confidence we will close the sale knowing we have the best offering on the table.”

Michael Molony
Account Coordinator

“I believe Collabrance has greatly increased our ability to grow. Working with Collabrance allows us to concentrate on sales and working with our clients much more appropriately.” 

Kurt Gudenkauf
Managed IT Manager

“Collabrance put us in the direction we needed to really excel in managed services. If you’re an MSP and you’re in business to grow, I think you should work with Collabrance. They will help you look at your business, setup your stack, pricing, training and selling.”

Randy Rambousek
Account Coordinator

Since 2012, Collabrance has been working with MSG and supporting their IT customers.

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Early Challenges Trying to Build an IT Company Themselves

“We needed to make a change and look for a better way. We knew we needed to make sure that whoever we decided to work with, follows our standards and treats our customers like their customers.” - Randy Rambousek, Account Solutions Coordinator at MSG.

CES Computers was founded in 1991 and changed their name to Managed Solutions Group (MSG) in 2013 to better reflect technology services they provide to customers.

MSG started in managed services by building their own Help Desk, solutions and services. They pieced together technology components and were working with a lot of different IT vendors. Doing managed services themselves was challenging. “You need a lot of expertise, you need a lot of knowledge of the tools, and a lot of the trust in vendors to make sure you’re getting the right technology stack for your clients,” said Kurt Gudenkauf, Managed IT Manager at MSG. Different clients came with different needs and different requirements, and a lot of stress for MSG.

MSG got to a point where evaluating vendors was consuming a lot of time and investigation. Supporting existing clients became overwhelming for MSG on top of trying to expand their technology stack and manage vendors. MSG’s technicians were getting stretched thinner and thinner. They knew they needed help from a top-notch organization and someone who knew what they were doing to be successful in managed services.

Choosing Collabrance a Master MSP

“Outsourcing to Collabrance was the perfect choice. What we really like about Collabrance is their commitment to excellence. They do an outstanding job in providing our support. They provide support like we would provide support to our customers. It's really one of the best options on the market." - Mike Molony, President and CEO at MSG.

MSG looked to Collabrance, a GreatAmerica Company and Master MSP, to provide the same high levels of service and dedication in helping them scale their IT business. MSPs working with Collabrance save money by not having to invest in their own IT tools, technology stack or a NOC and Help Desk. Some of the biggest points to MSG about Collabrance were the U.S. based Help Desk, and the evolving technology stack. Collabrance helps MSG overcome day-to-day things they don’t have the firepower behind them to handle themselves, and have dedicated teams to help with onboarding, product development, sales and marketing.

“Collabrance is very flexible. They have their stack, but they are flexible to work with,” explains Randy. “Everything is very well planned, organized and detailed. Stages are well documented as to what the service provider’s responsibilities are, what Collabrance’s responsibilities are, and what the end-user’s responsibilities are."

Upgrading End Users from Break-Fix to Managed Services & Migrating Existing Clients

“If I were starting an MSP or going from break-fix to managed IT, I would start with Collabrance from the get go. It’s something I wish we had engaged with when I first started with Managed Solutions Group.” - Kurt Gudenkauf, Managed IT Manager at MSG.

Prior to working with Collabrance, MSG started clients on a traditional break-fix IT model. However, they learned it was harder to scale, manage and deliver. Collabrance helped MSG standardize their IT customers, and migrate them from break-fix to a complete managed services solution. This not only resulted in larger sales opportunities for MSG, but this also provided better efficiency, automation, service, predictability and productivity for their end-user customers.

“Transitioning our existing clients over to Collabrance has been a breeze. Not just the small clients, but the larger ones as well. We were very surprised at how seamless the transition went for our larger client,” shares Kurt. “A more predictable stack with the Collabrance tools handled a lot of things on the backend without intervention needed by our staff." This enabled time for MSG to focus on more revenue generating project opportunities to increase their bottom line and grow their managed services business.

Delivering Service Excellence with a Live-Answer Help Desk

“When our customer places a call to Collabrance, we hear all good things about their Help Desk experience. Collabrance handles those calls for us as soon as possible and they do a great job of closing them.” - Mike Molony, Account Coordinator at MSG.

MSG customers have access to calling, emailing, or using a chat feature to contact the Collabrance live-answer Help Desk located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The NOC & Help Desk is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable Tier 1, 2 and 3 technicians ready to work together in efforts to help end-users resolve their IT issues as quickly as possible. Collabrance works to maintaining a ~97%+ average customer satisfaction rate and a ~96% average remote resolution rate for MSG and their customers.


Video Above: MSG end-user customers share their experience working with technicians on the Collabrance Help Desk.

MSG End-User Help Desk Experiences

"The Help Desk technicians are super friendly, they’re very helpful, and they’re very open to whatever we need."

Ted Boffeli 
Executive Vice President at Hodge (MSG Customer)

"A live-answer Help Desk for us is huge. We’ve seen great responses calling in and working with the Help Desk."

Duncan Marshall
Information Services Manager at Hodge (MSG Customer)

Expanding to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

“We have a customer that hasn’t changed for 10 years. We recently came in with a price increase and the MSSP Offering. The customer asked where they could sign. He was already bought in.” - Michael Molony, Account Coordinator at MSG.

Collabrance understands as the technology landscape continues to evolve at a fast rate, so do the needs of the offerings MSPs deliver to end users. Cybersecurity has become an increasing need and opportunity. MSPs are now becoming an “MSSP” to lead with a cybersecurity offering customers now seek and need. As a trusted technology advisor, Collabrance has created an award-winning cybersecurity offering MSPs can resell to help better protect customers. “The cybersecurity package from Collabrance is outstanding. We are presenting it to all of our customers,” explains Randy.

Scale Your MSP Business Faster and with Fewer Headaches

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