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InteGreat Web Services makes it easy for you to interact with Collabrance and GreatAmerica while remaining in your primary business management systems.

Collabrance Integration with ConnectWise

Collabrance collaborated with ConnectWise to create a ticketing integration that allows MSPs a seamlessly transfer of tickets between Collabrance and the MSP. This allows Collabrance and MSPs to work more cohesively and efficiently on the same ticket when needed to resolve customers’ IT issues.

MSPs benefits:

  • Replicated information that will provide the same view of customer information
  • New Field for Collabrance Ticket Number
  • Monitor and manage your customer tickets and activity
  • Automatically shares customer information in real time for up-to-date data that includes the following fields:
    • Company
    • Collabrance Ticket Number
    • All Notes
    • Configuration Name
    • Status
    • Site
    • Contact
  • Secure platform to share information and intelligence
  • Reduce errors and confusion by working on the same ticket in separate systems
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