What's Included

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Managed Services Offering With Collabrance

Outsourcing can be a great option for MSPs looking to scale their managed services business faster, and with less overhead, risk and headaches. Collabrance provides more than just NOC and Help Desk support. We've built our partnership with several value-add services so you can achieve greater success in your managed services business.

Collabrance COGS MSP Complete Offering

Collabrance Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to the Service Provider typically ranges from $65-$75 per user per month depending on the level of services. The chart below illustrates a typical Collabrance managed services transaction, what is included and who performs what services.

Collabrance Pricing COGS

Together, we can help MSPs provide a robust offering to managed services customers to ensure they have the technology and support they need. The Collabrance Pricing Model reflects the above offering and is structured to help MSPs obtain best-in-class margins and opportunities.

Hardware and Technology in Your Managed Services

Collabrance provides the UTM device as part of our monthly fee. Our Partners can also purchase any Datto appliances through Collabrance. Service Providers are responsible for acquiring all other hardware through their own distributors. Most Service Providers will pay for the hardware themselves (terms will fluctuate), and they can either finance the hardware to the end user, or sell it to them.

Invoicing Made Easy for MSPs

Collabrance generates one monthly invoice to the Service Provider that is broken out by Subscriber and includes the COGS to Collabrance. The Service Provider is then responsible to invoice each of their Subscribers with their markup and collect payment. (NOTE: If transaction was financed as a GreatAmerica HaaR® transaction, Collabrance will still invoice the service provider monthly, but GreatAmerica will invoice a bundled bill to the end user that includes the hardware, Collabrance fee, as well as the Service Provider's markup.)