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We help ensure MSPs have a good standardized technology solution, and that you price your managed services offering to be profitable.

Video above: Watch our quick overview to learn more about our flexible contracts, pricing model, gross margin, costs and expecations an MSP can expect when working with Collabrance.

Cost to Service Providers

Enjoy a month-to-month agreement and invoice with Collabrance. We do not require MSPs to sign fixed-term contacts, or upcharge our services. We have a one-time upfront fee new MSPs designed to jumpstart your growth with our extensive onboarding program.

Invest in Your Business

What's Included in Offering

Collabrance works with Service Providers to ensure they can go to market with a competitive offering that meets the needs of their customers, and they are able to easily justify the value. Our standardized solution results in 95% remote remediation and 97% customer satisfaction.

How to Package Offering


Collabrance Pricing Model

We coach Service Providers on a proven sales process that provides the justification necessary for MSPs to sell a higher priced managed services solution with more value. Service Providers are able to close managed IT deals and sell an all-in offering that is priced $110-$200+ per user.

Which Pricing Model to Use


Pricing Calculator Tool

Service Providers working with Collabrance can use our pricing calculator tool to calculate all of their costs and understand what price point we recommend they propose to their customer in order to obtain a 40-60% gross margin on their managed services offering.

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