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Flexible Month-To-Month Agreements

Collabrance does not require MSPs to sign fixed-term contracts, or upcharge our services for month-to-month agreements.

As a Channel-Only Provider, we view you the Service Provider as our customer, and our goal is to have a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. To set expectations, we do have an agreement that outlines the business rules for how Collabrance and the Service Provider work together, and the role of each party. We strongly believe that if our customers are not happy with our services, or if they decide to go another direction for their business, we will not stand in their way by enforcing our Service Providers to sign a fixed-term agreement. Service Providers have the ability to separate from Collabrance at any time by providing 90 days written notice. If the Service Provider elects to stop working with Collabrance, they will keep the customers they brought to Collabrance, and Collabrance will assist the Service Provider in transitioning those customers out of the Collabrance environment.

MSP Cost Management Made Easy With One Monthly Invoice

MSPs enjoy a budget friendly, month-to-month, "pay as you go" opportunity with Collabrance.

We send one consolidated invoice to Service Providers on a monthly basis that is broken out by end user customer, and covers services provided to the customer for the previous month. The Service Provider has the option to cut a check for the monthly invoice, or be set up on ACH payments. Each MSP will invoice their own end user customers, adding in their margin of 40-60%. Any invoicing questions can be directed to Collabrance Billing Support. Our Billing Support Team is Midwest based and live answer, and can be reached at 855.636.9500.

Download Sample Invoice
Sample Invoice Collabrance

Onboarding Investment for New Service Providers

Service Providers new to managed services should expect a one-time upfront investment fee with Collabrance to help get their program built for success.

Our extensive onboarding process helps ensure Service Providers are able to generate faster results. Below are some of the items included as part of our New Service Provider Onboarding Investment:

We understand that every MSP has different needs, and items above can be adjusted as needed. The New Service Provider Onboarding Process begins immediately after the Technical Services Agreement (TSA) is signed and the onboarding fee is invoiced. Depending on where each company is with their managed services business, the timeline of the onboarding process can be anywhere from two weeks to 90 days. We also have 60 and 90 day plans that not only include our New Service Provider Training, but also activities and tasks to get the Service Provider up and running as quickly as possible. Outside of the one-time upfront investment fee, there are no other fees or charges to Service Providers until they begin onboarding customers with Collabrance.

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