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Pricing Calculator Tool for MSPs

We provide IT Service Providers with a pricing calculator to assist them in accurately pricing their solutions at a 40-60% gross margin on their managed services offering.

This pricing tool allows MSPs to add in their own internal costs of service, and a 40%-60% gross margin to put you in the recommended retail price range of $110-$200+ per user per month. As a best practice, we encourage MSPs to also include 1 hour per every 5 users at their market hourly rate on their monthly recurring. MSPs can also provision additional technology requirements (hardware, software, project work, setup fees, etc.) and have the opportunity to finance them through the GreatAmerica Financial Services HaaR® Program.

Collabrance MSP Pricing Calculator

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Do you have a customer environment opportunity you would like to price with Collabrance? The Collabrance Pricing Calculator outlines all of our different managed services pricing and offers. Contact us to help you walk through our calculator tool and discuss what all is included, pricing and positioning. Any "all-in" offer that includes each of the elements within the Collabrance Technology Stack are eligible for a 10% discount to the Service Provider. 

Note: Our Pricing Calculator Demo is for U.S. Only.