Pricing Model

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Pricing Model for MSPs with Collabrance

Service Providers working with Collabrance enjoy an average 40-60% Gross Margin, and are able to sell their managed services offering at an all-in price of $110-$200 per user per month.

There are several different pricing models used for Managed IT Services offerings. Collabrance focuses on a standardized all-in managed services pricing model that is priced per user. The Collabrance Pricing Model is built to ensure MSPs can obtain best-in-class growth and profitability for their managed services business. We have a proven sales process which will provide you the justification necessary to sell a higher priced managed services solution with more value.

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All-In Model

  • Most profitable MSP pricing model when priced right.
  • Easiest type of model for a customer to budget.
  • Provides the most competitive differentiation.
  • When standardized, the MSP can support it best, as the same type of solution is offered to all customers, leading to the best customer experience.

Per User Pricing

  • Most popular pricing model since most users in today's environments use several devices.
  • Easiest model to adjust for adds/changes during an agreement due to the flat fee charged per user. If a user is added or removed the pricing adjusts accordingly.
  • Users are typically easier than devices to identify through active directory.
SDG Technology Group goes from $0-$18K MRR in 60 Days with Collabrance.

Pricing Changes

Throughout the customer agreement if adds and changes are needed, it can be reflected by submitting an add/change form on our Service Provider Portal. We also scan active directory each month for user changes and to ensure accuracy. Collabrance releases quarterly enhancements that may include price changes. If so, Service Providers are given a 90 day notice before they go into effect.

Finance Opportunities

Collabrance is a wholly owned subsidiary of GreatAmerica Financial Services whose core business is providing financial solutions to companies in the office technology space. Since the Collabrance managed services offering focuses on selling an "all-in" solution to customers via a budget-friendly monthly payment, several Service Providers also sell hardware and projects the same way. GreatAmerica can bundle the managed services and hardware payment to provide a one-invoice solution to the customer with HaaR®.

Achieving Profitability

The time it takes to become profitable will all depend on where our a Service Provider's managed services business is at the time of moving forward with Collabrance. For Service Providers who already have a customer base that they can transition to our platform, they can become profitable immediately. For others Service Providers who may be building their managed services business from scratch, it can take 6 months to a year to become profitable. It all depends on the commitment level of the Service Provider, and how quickly they can generate leads and new business. We have seen new Service Providers build a brand new managed services offering and become profitable in as few as 60 days, while some Service Providers have never been able to reach profitability due to lack of resources, c-level commitment, etc.