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PSA Tool

Collabrance uses ConnectWise as our PSA Tool and requires MSPs to have access through a ConnectWise Streamline IT license, which is $35/license/month. This is required for reporting provided to MSPs such as quarterly business reviews for each supported customer which is stored within ConnectWise.

Collabrance views transparency as a key to our relationships. In addition to providing ticketing reporting, we setup weekly calls to go through ticket activity, answer questions and ensure we are on the same page. Collabrance can also email ticket information to MSPs to upload the information into a different PSA tool they use in-house.

For MSPs using ConnectWise, Collabrance has a custom integration that allows tickets to be sent back and forth between parties. MSPs can opt to have ALL closed tickets forced into their ConnectWise on a daily basis that provides an aggregated report of all customer tickets. At this point, real-time tickets that are currently open will be visible through Streamline IT.

Custom Integration with ConnectWise

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ConnectWise PSA Tool

RMM Tool

Work with a Master MSP to gain access to tools without having to make your own significant investment. Many MSPs who fully invest in a Master MSP no longer need a RMM tool, saving them both the expense of the tool, but more importantly the time to manage it. In some cases, MSPs evaluate their options and decide to keep their RMM tool to manage environments Collabrance is not supporting. Unfortunately, Collabrance is not able to adopt an MSP’s different RMM tool.

Collabrance uses SolarWinds N-Central for an RMM and takes on the responsibility of alert remediation, patching, automation and scripting. MSPs are able to gain access into the system to assist customers if needed. 

MSPs already using SolarWinds have a couple of options:

MSPs using a different RMM tool receive the same access to the Collabrance SolarWinds instance. MSPs have the ability to reduce license costs as Collabrance installs tools on supported customers.

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Solarwinds N-Able

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Document Management 

Collabrance uses ITGlue for its document management. MSPs already using ITGlue can take advantage of “Glue Connect,” a built-in feature within ITGlue that allows parties access into each other’s instance. The information remains in the original system and updates made are only reflected in the updated system, as there is no sync functionality. Visibility of information can be limited to certain customers in the event Collabrance does not support all customers. For MSPs not using ITGlue, Collabrance requires MSPs to have their own instance of ITGlue. It can be purchased through Collabrance for $30/license/month to access to our Knowledge Base, as well as configurations for your customers that will be used in the support experience.


Access to Monthly Reports

Collabrance provides MSPs access into both ConnectWise and SolarWinds to be able to pull reports. We also have standard reports available such as ticket trending, AV threats, hardware inventory, license key inventory and upgrade planning reports. In addition, Collabrance uses BrightGauge to provide standard QBR reports that MSPs are able to use during their meetings for every supported customer .