RMM & PSA Tool

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Save Money & Gain Access to Monthly Reports

Work with a Master MSP for Monthly Reports via Solarwinds/N-Able RMM and ConnectWise PSA Tools

ConnectWise PSA Tool
SolarWinds N-Able RMM tool

Save Money on RMM Tool

A Master MSP will have their own RMM tool they use to monitor customer environments they support and Solution Providers who work with a Master MSP can gain access into the Master MSP's RMM tool. If you outsource your NOC/Help Desk to a Master MSP it is not necessary to purchase and have your own RMM tool. However, in situations where companies work with a Master MSP only for certain accounts, and they continue to manage accounts in-house, purchasing your own RMM tool might make more sense.

Access to Monthly Reports

Receive monthly reports from our RMM tool that includes: AV threats, hardware inventory, license key inventory and upgrade planning.

Different RMM Tool

If you prefer to use your own RMM, we would only install our SolarWinds RMM agents to customers you bring onto Collabrance. When considering costs for your RMM licenses, you would be able to reduce your license count and use our instance of SolarWinds and get complete access to our system.

Most Service Providers will no longer need an RMM tool after working with Collabrance. Solution Providers are able to get rid of the RMM tool, saving on both the expense of the tool and the time to manage it. In some cases, we do have Service Providers who decide to keep their RMM tool to manage environments that Collabrance is not supporting. Unfortunately, Collabrance is not able to adopt the RMM tool the Service Provider is currently using.

Different PSA Tool

If a Service Provider is a ConnectWise user, we have integrations available to communicate ticket information back and forth in real time. For customers who do not use a PSA tool, or do not use the same PSA tool as Collabrance, we allow each Service Provider access into our tool through a ConnectWise Streamline IT license. In addition, our team can email ticket information to Service Providers so they can upload the information into whatever PSA tool they use in-house.