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MSP Testimonials

MSPs share why they work with Collabrance and the impact they've seen as a result in their managed services business. 


“I don’t know of any other company that we work with that really partner they way they do with us.”

Don Katalenas, PERRY proTECH


“Collabrance is a smart investment. I gain the expertise, the knowledge and the peace of mind.”

Preston Woolfolk, DOCUmation


"We wouldn't be where we are without Collabrance. They have everything you need to be successful in Managed IT Services."

Chap Breard, MOEbiz


"They’ll take you by the hand and show you where you need to be [...] They’re in here and they’re part of the team."

Tim Renegar, Kelly Office Solutions

SDG Builds MSP Business

3 Employee MSP goes from $0k to $18K MRR in 60 days with Collabrance.

"Collabrance makes things so much easier, you sleep better at night, and you're really able to focus on growing your business."

- SDG Techology Group

Case Study with SDG


Research findings from surveys of MSPs working with Collabrance.

End-User Testimonials

End-User customers comment on the exceptional experience they received when working with the Collabrance Service Desk. 

Collabrance received a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating in FY18.

"Now this is great customer service and someone who thinks further down the road keeping in mind our needs!"

"Any time I have had the need to contact your company for assistance, the people and their help has always been outstanding. I am not the sharpest tack in the box when it comes to computer language, and they have always been patient and understanding."
"The technicians have been very helpful and courteous. I am very appreciative of the extra time they take to answer all my questions in a manner that even I can understand."
"It does not happen very often that I am so satisfied that I cannot offer an improvement guys are impressive. Thank you!"
"I specifically appreciated that the technician moved quickly, but methodically. They didn't seem to make rash decisions, and solved my problem without any collateral damage. Great job!"
"Compliments to your technician's ability to quickly understand my needs, perform suggested tasks, and be quick and diligent in their execution. A+!"
"Great working with the Help Desk - everyone is super nice and smart!!!"
"I am very delighted with the service you all provide me. Every time I have ever called about an issue you have been concerned, figured out what the problem was, and fixed it promptly and courteously."
"Your service has always been outstanding. I have been very pleased each time I've needed assistance. Technicians are friendly and knowledgeable, and resolve my problems within minutes. Keep up the great work."
"Great job!!!!! Everyone I talked to was very polite, professional and made me feel like they were genuinely concerned with helping me. Thank you for fixing my issue."
"Thank you for your rapid response to my computer issue(s). You are all very supportive, effective, and efficient, as well as friendly, patient and caring. Please keep up the good work."

"Y'all are the best!! Always so patient, even when it's an easy fix that I probably could have figured out myself if I wasn't being so impatient. You're always polite and helpful. Thanks!!"

"Your technician was great. Even though when thought we had resolved the issue, they asked me to go back and make sure everything was working. We discovered the issue was not fully resolved, so they they helped me get the problem fixed."

"I appreciate everything the Service Desk does for us. They are always polite, helpful and ambitious to complete our needs."
"The tech was great! Very polite and patient. I usually dislike making Help Desk calls, but this was a pleasant experience. Thank you!"

"Everyone is always great, no issues, they are quick, efficient, professional yet friendly."

"Thrilled with the service experience! Your Service Technician was a joy with whom I spoke. I asked many questions, and you graciously answered every one. I left the conversation with a smile."

"I have worked with several IT departments over the years and this was the first time a representative actually asked me when I might be away from my desk so they could fix my issues at the most convenient time for me. Great service and issue resolved."

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