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Erb's Technology Solutions (ETS)

MSP Experiences Significant Growth Faster with Collabrance

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Hear the ETS story of how they worked with Collabrance, a Master MSP, to accelerate and scale their existing managed services business.

“ETS has been offering managed services for about 12 years and recently decided to work with Collabrance because we wanted to provide top-notch customer service, scale faster, generate more revenue, enhance our knowledge and expertise and really grow our resource pool."

- Jim Koch, President & CEO at ETS

ETS Works with Collabrance to Increase their Managed Services Productivity, Performance and Profitability


ETS has been serving customers for 50+ years. They built their own managed services offering 12 years ago in efforts to expand their customer relationships. However, their managed services business became stagnant and they were not growing as fast as they would have liked. They realized they needed to do something different for their business, and for their customers.

ETS seeked a solution and Master MSP who could help them scale their managed services business faster and increase customer satisfaction. They looked for a live-answer Help Desk that was U.S. based and staffed with friendly technicians who could connect with their customers and provide fast and effective resolutions to their IT needs. Collabrance stood out to ETS as a Master MSP and a solution to grow their managed services base and enhance their already well-known reputation.

Collabrance having a high Operational Maturity Level (OML) was a big bonus for ETS. They knew working with Collabrance meant they could go-to-market immediately as a more efficient and effective MSP. ETS wanted a Master MSP who would really work with them every step of the way, side by side – and to them that opportunity could be found with Collabrance.

“Our managed services business has grown significantly since we’ve worked with Collabrance. The Collabrance Team is smart, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive.”

Collabrance has a distinctive and proven sales process specific for MSPs that ETS could adopt. Collabrance is structured in their process and also provides sales training to help MSPs increase their numbers. A dedicated Strategic Business Advisor at Collabrance is regularly involved as an extension to the ETS team to share best practices and help them consistently increase their close rates so they can continue to grow their sales and reach their goals.

“Collabrance does a great job and provides a lot of value. They have a genuine interest in our success.”

Prior to Collabrance, ETS was averaging about 1 new managed services customer per month. In just the month of July 2018, ETS closed 3 new customers and migrated 3 existing customers with the help of Collabrance. ETS has seen a 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate from both new and existing customers on the Collabrance stack.

"All of our staff members have complimented the Help Desk and their customer service. They speak our language instead of expecting us to speak their language."

"One thing that separates Erb's from other IT companies is their support. They make you feel important and that your company matters and your IT issues matter to them."

Collabrance has provided a 93-95% remote remediation rate on help desk tickets that benefits both the customer and the ETS Team. Customers are getting fast resolutions, and the ETS team is enabled to work on higher-end projects that contribute to the bottom line thanks to the ability to offload the level-one Help Desk activities to Collabrance.

ETS is now experiencing the growth they want and has a renewed energy in their managed services business since working with Collabrance.

Migrating MSP Existing Customers to Collabrance Increase Customer Satisfaction

ETS also migrated some of their current customers over to Collabrance in an effort to increase their customer satisfaction.

“The migration process was relatively easy. It isn’t as big of a deal as you might think.”
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Collabrance has a dedicated Service Activation Team who focus on the onboarding experience, helping every party each step of the way to make it as smooth as possible. Collabrance can provide a migration strategy to align expectations and build out a timeline that works for everyone involved.

“Current customers who were migrated to Collabrance saw a significant improvement with the Help Desk.”

Even though both technology stacks were not a perfect match to begin with, ETS had confidence in the Collabrance Technology Stack as a solid offering. They were not worried or felt like they would lose control switching platforms. Hassle-free vendor management that came with the technology stack was important to ETS so they could have their resources focus on more profitable activities and projects.

ETS plans to continue to migrate more current customers to Collabrance in an effort to ensure they are taken care of and receive an exceptional service experience.

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See the increased results ETS is experiencing after working with Collabrance.

"One of the things I look forward to the most in our long-term relationship with Collabrance is obviously growing our managed services business, but doing so in the right manner following best practices, doing it with a Master MSP who has a high OML and feeling confident that we're doing it in the right way and taking care of the customer in the right manner."

- Jim Koch, President & CEO at ETS