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Accelerate Growing Managed Services (MSP) Business

How to increase your managed services business efficiency and bottom line.

There is a lot of opportunity for Solution Providers, MSPs, Office Technology Dealers and other IT Services providers with managed services as a core element of your business. Learn how Collabrance, a Master MSP, can help you enhance the experience you provide with existing customers and grow your managed services business with new customers. We gathered some resources for you to learn ways you can focus your time and resources on revenue generating opportunities, growing your business and differentiating from your competition.


Solutions to 3 Common MSP Challenges


Increase Sales

Enjoy a dedicated Virtual Sales Manager who will stay involved with you and your team during every step of the sales process for all your Managed IT opportunities. We share best practices to ensure higher close ratios and faster sales cycles.


Onboarding Assistance

Ensure your managed services customer's first IT experience with you is seamless. Our Service Activation Team focuses on guiding you and your team through each phase of the onboarding process to maximize efficiency.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Our Midwest-Based Service Desk is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable technicians who are hired for attitude and aptitude. We strive to take care of your customers as you would and have consistently earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

Grow Your Business Faster with a Master MSP Webinar

We asked hundreds of MSPs what their biggest challenges were at IT Nation. During this webinar, we report what MSPs shared with us and solutions to overcome these challenges. This webinar also includes an interview from a 3 employee MSP on why they decided to partner with a Master MSP and the results they've experienced.


Blogs on Growing Your Managed Services Business

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Stop Managing Multiple Technology Vendors

We've seen reports that some MSPs typically average 11-15 different vendors in their MSP offering. That is a lot of time and resources managing relationships, and that does not even include vetting new technology opportunities. What if you only had to manage one relationship, but benefited the results of using those 15 different vendors?


MSPs Who Outsource Gain More Time to Spend Working ON Their Business

MSP owners constantly share with us how they struggle to find time to focus on the big picture, rather than in the day-to-day business. Robin Robin's reminds us not to re-invent the wheel. Learn why MSPs outsource to a Master MSP who are able to provide processes, tools and strategies to go-to-market faster and with less risk.


6 Signs it's Time to Partner with a Master MSP

Master MSPs are built to help Solution Providers grow their business faster with less headaches. High-performing MSPs outsourcing with a Master MSP are earning higher margins and higher customer satisfaction. If these pain points sound familiar to you, consider a Master MSP partnership to grow your manged services business.


Benefits of a Master MSP Partnership

High-performing MSPs understand the challenges of managing accounts, growing sales, and maintaining operational and financial efficiencies. Those who have partnered with a Master MSP are able to focus in areas they are passionate about, while their partner relieves other duties and reduces risk without a significant impact to their margins.


How a Managed Services Partnership Can Help You

Paul Dippell from Service Leadership Inc. shares a dynamic approach to get head turning results in your managed services business. Learn what MSPs need to do in order to make their managed services business profitable leveraging people, processes, and technology.