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Managed IT Services Startup Resources

How to build your Managed IT Services business faster and with fewer risks.

Business owners looking to get into Managed IT must treat the opportunity as a brand new business, and not just another offering to complement the other solutions you sell. To be successful in managed services, your business needs top down involvement starting at the C-level. One of the main reasons companies fail at their IT business is due to lack of involvement from the C-level.

If you have C-Level commitment, Managed IT Services is more than just a value-add, it is a great opportunity for Solution Providers, MSPs, Office Technology Dealers and other IT Service Providers to grow their business. To help you get started, we compiled some resources to help you begin your Managed IT Services journey and decide whether you should build, buy, or outsource.

90 Day Onboarding Plan


Here is what Service Providers need in place when working with Collabrance to see the best results:

Managed IT Success Checklist


Watch these webinars as resources to learn ways you can be successful building your Managed IT Services offering. We've included different industry thought leaders who are able to share lessons learned, best in class performance benchmarks and steps you can take to get your Managed IT Services business started.


7 Mistakes for Copier Dealers to Avoid Getting into Managed IT Services

Collabrance and Taylor Business Group identified lessons learned from Copier Dealers who first got into Managed IT Services, and solutions to overcome these common challenges so you can become profitable faster.


Grow Your Business Faster with a Master MSP

SDG Technology Group worked with Collabrance to build their managed services offering from the ground up. This presentation includes an interview with Al Schroeder from SDG Technology Group on why they choose to outsource to an Master MSP and work with Collabrance.


Managed Services: A Dynamic Approach to Get Head Turning Results

Paul Dippell, Founder and CEO of Service Leadership, shares what functional areas Solution Providers need to obtain high performance in order to drive growth, and how you can shorten your path to success with a Master MSP.


Getting Started Webinar

Follow-up to Service Leadership webinar, "Managed Services: A Dyanmic Approach to Get Head Turning Results." Learn how Solution Providers achieve higher growth with Collabrance.

Industry News

Fear of Overcommitting in Managed IT? A Partner Platform May be the Answer

ENX Magazine shares how Office Equipment Dealers can be confident in the Managed IT Services Offering.

Managed IT Services: Leveraging the Expertise of a Labor Partner

BTA Office Technology Magazine talks about the option of partnering with a Master MSP for a Copier Dealer to expand into Managed IT Services.

Build Your Business Valuation with Managed IT Services

ITEX365 reminds us how Copier Dealers are getting into Managed IT Services to gain more recurring revenue which results in higher business valuations. Learn 5 successful tactics Copier Dealers are doing today to profitably sell Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services: Dealers Share Insight Into This New Journey

BTA Office Technology Magazine interviews three different Copier Dealers to share their experience getting into Managed IT Services and offer advice to others in the Office Equipment Industry.

Managed Print and IT: Gateways to a Growing World of Dealer Services

ENX Magazine shares the opportunity of Everything-as-a-Service with Managed IT Services and Managed Print Services for Office Technology Dealers.

Taking Managed IT Services to the Next Level: Plan Well and Hire for Growth

ENX Magazine share ways for Office Technology Dealers to strategically and tactfully grow their Managed IT Services business to enhance their offering and reputation.

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We understand what it takes to get a Managed IT Services business started. Learn about other ways we can help you that includes:

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