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“After attending the Sales Simplicity Seminar, we easily closed a deal we would have previously doubted.”

– Blake Renegar, Kelly Office Solutions



*NEW* Collabrance Peer Group for Office Equipment Partners

Collabrance created an exclusive peer group specific for partners in the Office Equipment industry to offer an networking opportunity on how to excel their managed service business. We focus on OML traits not covered in the Collabrance Partnership to ensure our discussion is relevant for our partners to grow their business. We want to hear our partners feedback on how to improve, what they are seeing in the field and determine whether that is something Collabrance is already doing or needs to take on.

Paul Dippell, Founder and CEO at Service Leadership Inc., facilitates this peer group and Collabrance will bring in outside resources including vendors and Collabrance team members to discuss items the peer group members want to cover. The Collabrance Peer Groups will be a catalyst for our strategy and what we need to do to make our partners more successful.



S-L GAMIT Group for Collabrance Partners

Available to Copier Dealers who partner with Collabrance. Achieve best-in-class Managed IT performance faster and with fewer missteps, by joining an S-L GAMIT Group. They are facilitated with the expertise of IT management consultant, Paul Dippell, and the team at Service Leadership, Inc., the largest provider worldwide of financial/operational IT benchmarking and best practices to C-level peer groups.



This business improvement tool encapsulates over 20 years of Service Leadership Managed IT experience and provides you with a customized, step-by-step plan to increase profits and scalability. SLIQ allows you to engage various members of your team, assign tasks and priorities to ensure accountability and improve your Managed IT Services offering.



Service Leadership Sales Training

Improve your sales with this training with Service Leadership and Paul Dippell that focuses on successfully closing more profitable Managed IT deals. Attendees will learn how to overcome Managed IT obstacles by creating interest and credibility with the customer. Both sales and service professionals are encouraged to attend this exclusive training hosted by GreatAmerica and Collabrance.



CharTec Sales Training Workshop

Get the tools and talk tracks you need to clearly present the value of Managed IT Services, sell more revenue per customer, and justify the cost of the solution to speed up the close. Alex Rogers, CEO of CharTec will teach Service Providers how to sell an as-a-Service model in our Sales Simplicity Seminars.



PathShare® HR Services

As a GreatAmerica company, PathShare was created to help you hire and train your personnel. Our team of experts developed success profiles and can assist with compensation plans specific to several Managed IT positions. Contact PathShare to develop a customized solution for your Managed IT hiring needs.



Hardware as a Rental

Hardware as a Rental combines the best attributes of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and equipment financing. HaaR gives the customer a one-invoice solution for all hardware, software, installation and services. However, it does NOT require the Service Provider to take on the financial risks associated with HaaS.



Collabrance MetTel Offering

Partners have the opportunity to expand their portfolio to feature advanced digital transformation solutions from MetTel, a leading global communications solution provider and partner.


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