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Be Backed by a 50+ IT Team

Gain access to technical SMEs with Collabrance.

When you work with Collabrance, you maintain ownership of your customer. In addition to the dozens of technicians who are available to help your customers with support when they call in, we also provide Service Providers access to our:

When you work with Collabrance you immediately gain 50+ individuals that support your account and business. In addition, since Collabrance is a wholly owned subsidiary of GreatAmerica, we have another team of Subject Matter Experts we can use as a resource when needed.

Collabrance is a wholly owned subsidiary of GreatAmerica Financial Services who is 500+ employees strong, and over $2 billion in assets. Collabrance is roughly 50 employees. We work around 50 Service Providers, managing approximately 7,000 endpoints today. Our current year-over-year growth in endpoints our team manages is up over 45%.

Technicians in the NOC at Collabrance

Service Provider Team Requirements

To be successful working with Collabrance, the Service Provider must provide at minimum, the following team members:

We require these two resources be in place before Collabrance can work with the Service Provider. Also, while not required, it is highly recommended that the Service Provider also hire a vCIO who can manage current accounts, perform QBR's, and help current customers with their technology plan. This position becomes especially important as the account base grows. Having these headcounts are critical to the success of your managed services team, other members may be required later for you to scale your business.

Assistance Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Team Talent

Collabrance strives to attract and retain our own talent that your team can use so you can greatly reduce the amount of people you have to attract, train, and retain on your own team. When you do have to hire your own staff, the GreatAmerica Pathshare® HR Services team can help your business create a consistent hiring process. This includes identifying what you are looking for in a managed services candidate as well as sourcing, engaging with, and assessing candidates. They can also assist with job offers and transition plans. Their goal is to help you hire the right person that will the right long term fit for your company.

Pathshare HR Services | Collabrance