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Managed IT Services

Be Different. Deliver Excellence.

An Opportunity to Scale Your IT Business

Working with Collabrance means we help you every step of the way in your Managed IT Services journey. You maintain ownership of the customer, while we deliver private-label U.S. based behind-the-scenes support.

Managed IT Services is more than just a value-add offering for your business. It is proven to be a great strategic growth opportunity that enables protection of your customer base and captures revenue with higher margins. Service Providers have three options to grow their managed services business: Build, Buy or Outsource. Unfortunately, many IT Service Providers are unprofitable because revenue is not meeting projections, and the high costs needed for the proper infrastructure and people.

In this fast pace and evolving industry, our goal is to make sure your technology offering is ahead of the curve and will help your customers. Service Providers receive a dedicated Account Manager and access to our online Service Provider Portal filled with the tools and resources you need to maximize opportunities and achieve excellence in managed services.

We have helped Service Providers overcome challenges, grow their MSP business and reach profitability faster than they could have on their own. We would love to help you do the same, contact us today.

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