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Seven Reasons Collabrance Stands Out Amongst the Competition Blog Feature

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By: Collabrance LLC on March 24th, 2022

Seven Reasons Collabrance Stands Out Amongst the Competition

Whether you’re contemplating working with a master MSP for the first time or have been outsourcing for years, you’ll know that not all providers are created equal. At Collabrance, we prioritize customer needs and work to surpass industry expectations. There are many things that make Collabrance unique, but the list below encompasses what makes us stand apart from our competitors. 

1. Flexible Solutions and Month-to-Month Contracts 

We know being stuck in a contract that you’re not happy with can negatively impact your margins and your customers.  Instead of multi-year contracts that can make customers feel trapped in an unending cycle, Collabrance offers flexible, month-to-month payments that can change as you grow. Flat-fee pricing makes monthly updates simple and beneficial for your business. Our offboarding process requires only 30 days’ notice and 90 days’ notice for overall contract cancellation.  

2. 90%+ Remote Resolution Rate 

Are escalated tickets bogging down your high-level in-house techs? Collabrance has a 90%+ remote resolution rate, providing your in-house team with a reliable support system. We work directly with vendors to resolve issues instead of sending an issue back to your people. Our attested resolution rates will decrease down time, allowing you to spend more time on important business matters. 

3. 100% U.S. Based, Live-Answer Service Desk 

Collabrance is a live-answer service desk based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We aim to answer support calls in two rings or less, with a friendly technical expert ready to work the customer’s issue. Any potential security and compliance issues that arise from an international service desk are avoided with Collabrance’s 100% U.S. based service desk. (Check out a tour of our office here!) 

Service requests can also be taken via email, chat, and incident detection technology. 

4. Small, Personal Experience  

MSPs who have the most success with Collabrance are those that aren’t just looking for an outsourced vendor, but are truly looking for an extension of their team. Many end customers get to know our technicians on a first-name basis!

5. Fully-Vetted Technology Stack Across Vendors 

Our large technology stack dispels any fears you may have about integrating your own technology and vendors with Collabrance.  

We know most MSPs have spent years building the technology to support their customers. Collabrance has a robust technology stack that includes a number of the leading MSP tools available today. We know flexibility is key and will work with you to ensure the best experience for your customers, whether that means using our tools or integrating your tools with ours. Learn more about the tools we use here. 

6. Privately Held Company 

As a privately held company, mergers and acquisitions will have no impact on your relationship with our team. Collabrance, and its parent company GreatAmerica Financial Services, are a family-owned company in business for nearly 30 years. Both companies prioritize partnerships and helping those partners achieve greater success, and have no plans to sell.  

7. Value Adds and Partner Incentive Programs 

Collabrance is more than a “one size fits all” IT offering. We are committed to developing a relationship with your company and customers beyond a simple business transaction and provide tailored support in the following areas:  

  • Sales Support and Sales Engineering Teams to participate in the sales process alongside your team and help you close deals 
  • Service Activation Team to bring new customers from closed to live-on-services according to a mutually agreed-upon timeline 
  • Service Delivery Team to meet with you regularly to discuss customer ticket communication, activity and areas of opportunity  

Have we piqued your interest? Collabrance was created to address a need in the industry. Get in touch today to learn how we can help your business grow and succeed.