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About Us

Be Different. Deliver Excellence.

Service delivery for Managed IT Services is complex, so we built our Master MSP model differently to help Service Providers avoid missteps and accelerate their success.


As your Master MSP, we are committed to helping you keep your customers for a lifetime and scale your IT business faster with fewer headaches.


We built a culture and environment for our teams to easily communicate, share knowledge and identify opportunities to best serve you and your customers.

Collabrance LLC builds strategic, long term, mutually beneficial opportunities with progressive Service Providers of business technology solutions committed to providing exceptional Managed IT Services, or Managed Network Services, to their customers. You maintain ownership of the customer, while we deliver service excellence through a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and behind-the-scenes customer support.

“Collabrance is here to help us, help our customers. That's not the same in any other dealership or anybody else you're going to look at compared to Collabrance."

– Preston Woolfolk, DOCUmation

Collabrance is unlike other Master Managed Services Providers (MSPs). We enable Service Providers to provide exceptional Managed IT Services with proven strategies, differentiation and service excellence to grow your business.


!0th Anniversary at Collabrance

Collabrance, a GreatAmerica Company, was formed to create new revenue opportunities in the changing markets for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Faced with the prospect of growing their Managed IT Services business, office equipment, copier, telecom, MSPs, and IT providers were challenged with large cash outlays, and hiring personnel with new skill sets.

GreatAmerica provides business innovations beyond financing to help MSPs achieve greater success. In 2009, GreatAmerica launched Collabrance to help Service Providers expand their business to Managed IT Services and embark on the path of becoming a trusted technology advisor for their customers.

Collabrance and GreatAmerica now help Service Providers gain the experience, personnel, and tools to profitably scale their Managed IT Services business faster with less risk. As the Managed IT Services industry evolves and changes, Collabrance chooses to remain a privately-held IT company, and is designed to build stronger relationships by staying involved with MSPs and provide ongoing support.



Collabrance was created to provide Service Providers a option to profitably quickly get into Managed IT Services with fewer risks.

Leadership Team

Advance your Managed IT Services strategy with the expertise of our leaders.

We want you to have all the resources you need to improve your Managed IT Services business. Service Providers are encouraged to contact our leaders who will share their knowledge and experience on financial modeling and benchmarking, metrics and KPI trending, personnel and structure, and organizational change management.


Greg VanDeWalker

Senior Vice President of IT Channel and Services


Corey Kerns

Vice President & General Manager


Hannah O'Donnell

Director of Sales


Brian Wells

Director of Product Development


Hollie Braid

Director of Service Delivery


Andrew Wiese

Operations & Finance Analyst

Vision, Mission, & Principles

As a GreatAmerica Company, these concepts guide us in our daily work.


Our passion for excellence in everything we do will make us a business without competition.


We help our Customers achieve greater success.


  1. We deliver on our commitments and provide excellence.
  2. We are solution driven, tenacious, and rise to the occasion.
  3. We live our values with utmost integrity.
  4. We trust and treat each other with respect.
  5. We build enduring relationships and are committed to mutual success.
  6. We create an environment conducive to greatness and to a positive image of GreatAmerica and Collabrance.
  7. We celebrate successes, share rewards, and make time for fun.
  8. We continuously enhance value through innovation and improvement.
  9. We look at the whole picture.
  10. We create opportunities for growth and take charge of the future.